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Picture Book Templates Arrive for Kindle Authors

31 August 2013

From book designer Joel Friedlander:

Although we’ve been able to wrangle Microsoft Word into producing great-looking print and ebooks, authors have faced quite a challenge if they want to produce picture books for the Kindle and other ereaders.

Taking all the experience gained this year from producing the 14 book templates available on the site—for fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books—Tracy has now managed to create a template that will make this possible with a minimum of fuss.

We call this template design Fable. I asked Tracy to explain just how big a breakthrough this is for do-it-yourself authors, and to explain how it works.

. . . .

Until now, picture eBooks have generally fallen into two distinct formats: fixed or free-flowing. Most eBooks today are formatted with a free-flowing layout, where text and images run from page to page with only marginal control of how the pictures and text mingle on the page.

This works great for fiction and non-fiction books alike, but it falls short when an author needs precise control of the page layout for a picture book. Free-flowing eBooks have also become a self-published author’s standby because they work on the widest variety of devices and are easy to make since you don’t have to do a lot of programming.

. . . .

With strict limitations on style and compatibility, most picture book authors resign themselves to hiring professionals to develop several versions of their picture eBook in fixed formats. Other authors simply give up and release free-flowing picture eBooks and hope that readers understand which pictures and text are supposed to go together.

. . . .

With Fable, we have created a new hybrid format that combines the best of both fixed-layout and free-flowing eBook layout styles in one template.

. . . .

Your picture book’s layout in Word translates safely to the screen of your favorite eReader device.  Pictures and text stick together and what you see in Word looks similar to the output of what you will get on the eReader’s screen, giving you much better control over how the book will look in final eBook form.

. . . .


Link to the rest at The Book Designer

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2 Comments to “Picture Book Templates Arrive for Kindle Authors”

  1. This is totally cool!! 🙂

    First, it’s awesome to make it easier for indies to enter the picture book market.

    Second, I have a picture book I’m thinking about publishing, and I really appreciate Joel making it easier for me.

    Nice job, Joel!

  2. I suppose you are still stuck with the auto-margin the reader software renders in these templates. Still, it’s a step up with reflowable text 🙂

    The point of picture books is the images. I want to fill the screen’s every pixel. Does anyone know how to override the auto-margins?

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