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Amazon regional depots deliver blow to embattled high street

30 September 2013

From The Telegraph and The Bookseller:

Amazon is stepping up its battle against Britain’s high street chains by opening a series of small, regional distribution depots under the brand “Amazon Logistics” to speed up customer deliveries.

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Seven 50,000 sq ft “fulfilment centres” have so far opened at leased sites around Birmingham, Oxford, Milton Keynes and several locations around London – including Croydon and Southall – to allow for faster deliveries to customers in and around the “spokes”.

Four more “mini” centres will be opened next year in the north-west of England, south-west, the Midlands and Yorkshire.

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An Amazon spokesperson said the new depots were part of a £1bn investment in the UK. “We work with a variety of carriers to deliver the many millions of orders that we dispatch on a weekly basis. Amazon measures itself on its ability to deliver items by the estimated delivery date we provide customers, and the delivery performance is very strong,” a spokesperson said. The company is teaming up with smaller companies such as City Sprint and Transline to take the product to customers’ doors.

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Amazon has also pledged to create 15,000 seasonal jobs across the UK in its warehouses in the run up to Christmas. Catherine McDermott, director of operations at Amazon.co.uk. said: “On our busiest shopping day last Christmas, customers ordered a total of 3.5 million items during one 24-hour period at a rate of 44 items a second.”

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