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App data company App Annie expands into ebook analytics for publishers and authors

9 October 2013

From GigaOm:

Authors and publishers need to know how and where their books are selling in order to target readers and time promotions. Yet keeping track of and analyzing all the data that comes in from retailers like Amazon and Apple can be difficult, especially for publishers with large lists of books.

App Annie, a San Francisco-based company that provides app developers and publishers with analytics about app sales, rankings and trends, aims to solve the problem by automating aggregation and analysis of ebook sales in the same way it has for apps. (In the app world, it’s become a leading provider of that type of analysis: The company says that over 300,000 app publishers, including 90 percent of the top 100 grossing iOS publishers, use its tools.)

App Annie plans to announce Tuesday that it’s expanding into ebook analytics. It will provide publishers with two free products: An Analytics tool that lets publishers track sales and download data from the Kindle Store and the iBookstore into one dashboard, and a “Store Stats” tool that lets them view ebook market trends across a database of about a million titles.

. . . .

“We’ve spent the last few months with major book publishers and influential writers, asking them about how they understand their data,” Oliver Lo, App Annie’s VP of marketing, told me. In general, the company found, publishers download their data from ebook retailers and aggregate it in Excel. But analyzing the data correctly can require “some Excel genius in the company,” and even publishers who have such a person or team likely find the process time-consuming.

Link to the rest at GigaOm and thanks to L for the tip.


3 Comments to “App data company App Annie expands into ebook analytics for publishers and authors”

  1. I signed up for this yesterday when my tech husband pointed it out for me.

    It’s limited to Itunes and Amazon at the moment, but hopefully they will add others to the mix. Interestingly they don’t appear to have added Google Play books despite there being an existing connection to that store for the apps side they measure.

    I would tell you how well it works except my account connections are saying there is a temporary delay in connecting. As it’s now been 24 hours I will contact support and see what is going on.

  2. Ok, I just created an account. First impressions — this thing is sweet!

    Some data is showing but it looks like it will take some time for others to gather.

    I like it!

  3. How do you hook up your account? It keeps asking me for my Amazon developer email… I’m so lost.

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