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Back in the Saddle

31 October 2013

PG and Mrs. PG have returned from a successful and enjoyable research trip to Florence and Zurich for a couple of Mrs. PG’s upcoming books.

PG would like to thank those fine people who filled in here at The Passive Voice while he was out and about:

Julia Rachel Barrett

Bridget McKenna

Barb Morgenroth

William Ockham

Kat Sheridan

Randall Wood

They have done a great job of keeping everyone informed on the latest in the world of books and PG is grateful for their efforts.

If PG seems a little jet-lagged, it’s because he is a little jet-lagged. He’s also suffering the after-effects of too much good Italian food (and fondue in Zurich), so he’s going to have to hit the gym with gusto if he ever wants to regain his girlish figure.

PG's Thoughts (such as they are)

22 Comments to “Back in the Saddle”

  1. Welcome home. And Happy Halloween!

  2. Welcome back. The troops held the line with honor.

  3. Never be afraid to take a vacation.

    As to the figure: oh, well. How much damage can a week do? Don’t answer that – we go to all-inclusive Mexican resorts in warm climates – Huatulco and the Cancún area – and I manage to resist for about the first half of the trip…

    Post some pictures?


  4. Your minions served you well.

  5. Welcome home honey! I can taste the pasta now! It’s been fun, thanks for having me.

  6. Welcome back! It says a lot that it took six of us to even try to fill your shoes! Not possible. Looking forward to photos!

  7. Welcome back! Hope you had fun – and Mrs. PV got all the research she needs for her books. 🙂 Research is such fun, isn’t it?

  8. PG, welcome back, and many thanks to the folks that kept the home fires burning in our absence.

  9. Welcome back! Florence is my home town though i don’t live there any more. But it’s a glorious place. Hope you and the wife had a bistecca fiorentina. We had a lot of fun while you were away but we’re glad you’re back!

  10. margaret rainforth

    And a fine job they did, too! Welcome back.

  11. The troupes did great! Interesting and thought provoking links. Many thanks! 🙂

    But it always feels just ‘right’ when you’re back at the helm, PG! And your efforts to re-gain your girlish figure just felt like: “PGs” back! 😀

  12. Welcome home, PG and Mrs. PG!

    Your guest hosts dug up some excellent material for our enjoyment while you were gone.


  13. Welcome back, and allow me to add my voice to the chorus: the B-team did a great job filling in.

  14. Agreed, on all counts. Welcome back! Too bad customs didn’t confiscate those extra pounds at the border. 😉

  15. No one can replace you, P.G. Good to have you back.

  16. Whoop whoop! PG’s back, all is right with the world.

  17. Welcome back! I loved the picture you posted a bit ago. I agree with the others, it would make a fantastic book cover.

    Good luck in getting your girlish figure back. Um, I’m hoping Ms. PG is happy with that. 😛

  18. Welcome back and you have my sympathies. I’m still battling the “salt and schnitzel spread” from my trip to Germany this summer.

  19. the folks you deputized did do a great job, and brought us interesting and timely articles that sparkled and…. Glad you are back PG. Welcome home.

  20. benvenuto a casa PG. And Happy Halloween!!

  21. I’d like to thank everyone who kept the home fires burning. This place always gives me something to think about.

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