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Nomad Parka Canadian Goose

12 November 2013

PG has been neglecting his spam bucket. Yesterday, he found the following:

Now she is going to Nevada in senator Reid’s residence town and look as an idiot. That’s down out impolite and an American to go in a few after dwelling city and generate a huge spectacle.

The poster was Nomad Parka Canadian Goose


12 Comments to “Nomad Parka Canadian Goose”

  1. Hey, someone plagiarized my WIP novel.


    • Well, if Pushkin and Vikram Seth can write novels entirely in sonnets and John Gardner can do heroic blank verse, there’s no reason why you can’t use absurdist prose poetry. I look forward to reading your book! (And maybe you can hire PG to sue the plagiarist’s ass off.)

  2. Huh?

    Don’t understand whatever the Hell NPCG is trying to say.

    Grammar errors, too.

    Is this person a native speaker of English?

    • You would be appalled at how many native English speakers write just like Goose. It’s easy to forget when living amongst the circles of the highly literate and sheltering at places like PG’s wonderful site.

      Some of the things I have been asked to edit… were worse.

      • Some of the things I have been asked to edit… were worse.

        Eeek! You’re kidding!

      • @Mia

        Yes, you’re right. I stand chastised, since I well know whereof you speak.

        Recently, I commented on a cover and the inside of a book on LousyBookCovers.com. As bad as the cover was, it was nothing compared to the text, which was incredibly, mouth-agapingly illiterate.

        Here’s the LBC link, where you can then go to Amazon and do a Look Inside of this particular book:


    • Since we’re getting all serious here… This wasn’t even written by a human, let alone a native speaker of English. It has all the signs of a news article or blog post (probably about Sarah Palin holding a Tea Party rally in the hometown of the senate majority leader in 2010) that was translated badly or automatically into another language (possibly Chinese), then automatically translated back into English (probably by Google Translate). Why the spammer thinks anyone would be interested in this is the real mystery.

      • It’s not the content, it’s the link. They just put garbage in there to get through the spam filter on the web site, the idea is to get Google to index the link from that post so when people search for ‘Canada Goose’ they end up going to the spammer’s site.

  3. I’ve been getting so many of these nonsensical ‘Canada Goose’ spams that I just banned the phrase from my blog. The funny part is that they’ve made hundreds of attempts to post comments to the same blog post, and I’ve no idea why they keep picking that one. There must be some magic words in there that are triggering their bot.

  4. Darnit. I thought this post was going to contain a photo of a Canada goose.

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