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e-Book Cover Design Awards, December 2013

15 January 2014

From book designer Joel Friedlander:

This month we received:

72 covers in the Fiction category
16 covers in the Nonfiction category

. . . .

Rachel Cole submitted Zebras In London designed by Littera Designs. “The author said zebra stripes, rain, and the colour red were important elements in the story. But I took a bit of literary license with the zebra stripes as my immediate thought were the famous “zebra crossings” in London.”


JF: Great job. Economical with a strong graphic sense, a design that stands out boldly, yet at the same time contains just enough story to create a powerful allure.

Link to the rest at The Book Designer and thanks to Eric for the tip. You’ll see some covers from TPV regulars.


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  1. You can always learn something useful from Joel’s contest, whether you’ve entered a cover or not.

  2. True. It’s fascinating to see what’s out there and a bit of the theory behind the designs.

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