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From Desk Job to Nomad Photographer

30 January 2014

This is about an indie photographer, not an indie writer.

However, PG found it interesting and the visuals are way better than you’ll find on any author’s blog. You will have to click through to see the photos, however.

From Topaz Labs:

In 2011 Anne McKinnell resigned from her day job, sold her belongings and traded the comforts of the American Dream lifestyle to become a nomad photographer. Having ventured all over the North American territory, McKinnell has shared some of her story.

. . . .

Being a nomadic photographer means that I travel all the time, constantly moving from one place to the next. I made a decision to change my life in the spring of 2011 as I wanted a happier, more fulfilling life that is full of adventure. Now I live in an RV and drive around North America, photographing beautiful places. I spent the first year on a trip traveling clockwise around the perimeter of the USA, along with the Atlantic provinces in Canada.  After that I spent a few months back in BC and since then I’ve been a snowbird spending six months exploring BC and six months in the USA.  Since I am Canadian, I am only allowed in the USA for six months of each year (the first year I had to get a special visa to stay longer).

. . . .

When I travel, my plans include only a general direction or area based on the weather. When you’re towing an RV you have to consider the road conditions and freezing water pipes, so I try to stay where it is warm and sunny. Since it’s winter, I’ll be spending the next couple of months in southern California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and maybe Texas.  I like to visit the national parks, so I try to see as many of them as I can plus any other interesting places in between.

. . . .

Photography is the tool I use to be a happier person. When I first became involved with photography twenty years ago, I frequently photographed the darker side of life such as poverty and injustices because that is where I was in my life. I was in university, studying politics, writing for the student newspaper, and fighting to raise awareness about everything that is wrong with the world. I gave up photography for a long time while I built my career in software development and when I took it up again it was to help me become happier by focusing on the good things in the world.

By nature I see the negative things all the time, and I wanted to change that. I had no idea that photography would change my life so much. Because of it, I am always looking for the good and beautiful things in the world, instead of focusing on the bad things. Photography constantly helps me change this negative part of myself so I can be the person I want to be and live the life I want to live. Now when I go to a place I am looking for beauty and because I am looking, I find it.

Link to the rest at Topaz Labs


13 Comments to “From Desk Job to Nomad Photographer”

  1. Wow, some really gorgeous photos. 🙂 Wish I had the umption to do what she did.

  2. Thank you for a fresh perspective, PG–I needed a break from the indie publishing pit this morning.

    I especially like what she says about finding beauty when you’re looking for it. How happiness can come from making the conscious decision to be positive.

    The Yosemite picture made me sigh with longing. So close (I’m in No Cal) yet so far.

  3. WOW! Those shots are incredible!

  4. What a lovely post and a lovely person. Thanks for sharing this, PG!

  5. Beautiful pictures and congratulations to her on making a choice to change her life to do something she loves.

  6. Amazing images. Thanks for the link, PG.

  7. I just wanted to say there are multiple writers living in RVs and traveling, not just photographers. I also know of one freelance editor that is getting ready to do the same, since she asked my advice about on the road internet. Running your own business that is not tied to a spot allows flexibility. You can live in Hong Kong or Key West as easily as Chicago or Tucumcari.

  8. I’m glad so many enjoyed the photos. She’s a very talented photographer.

  9. Gorgeous!

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