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The Last Word on Winepress Publishing

31 January 2014

From MacGregor Literary:

So faithful readers will recall that a couple years ago, the woman who started vanity press success story Winepress Publishing, Athena Dean, had announced the business had basically been taken over by a cult, and was being run by a guy who had bullied her into handing over her business  to the church.

. . . .

It’s fascinating reading — a seemingly normal woman sucked in by a group of true believers, she lost her family and business over it, and eventually woke up to the fact that she was the victim of a manipulative group of religionists. I made one comment on it on Facebook (my exact words were:“Holy cow. I mean… WOW! This will blow the socks off of anyone who’s been involved in CBA publishing in recent years. Wow…” ) and that was enough to earn the wrath of the  guy in charge of both the church & the publishing company. They sent me a cease and desist letter, complete with really cool bible verses and a laughably funny “thou shalt not” tone that sounded right out of a 1950′s biblical epic movie with Charleton Heston. Bullying and obfuscation is their stock in trade, so of course I blogged about it . . . I figured if they were doing this to ME, they were doing it to others in publishing, and somebody needed to say something.

Sure enough, it turns out those wacky folks at Winepress had been threatening and cajoling people with their legal letters and threats for a long time. But a funny thing happens when you shine a little light on darkness — people begin to see the problems. And LOTS of people saw the problems at Winepress.

. . . .

I’ve seen some crazy stuff in my years in Christian publishing, but never anything like The Winepress Follies. They kept up the “We’re So Holy” act for a long time, and included a good bit of “We’re Also Not Being Treated Fairly,” but one quick look at the websites is all most normal-thinking people needed to see what they’re like. Check out the Sound Doctrine Church and what people have had to say about them over the years, or look at their “HardTruth” website, or at the laughably slanted “news reporting” they’ve created at Enumclaw.com.

. . . .

Anyway, Winepress Publishing has closed their doors. Not because they couldn’t find more suckers to pay them money to publish their books (from all appearances, business was still good). Church members are telling whoever will listen that the company shut down because of all those evil attacks from nonbelievers.

Link to the rest at MacGregor Literary and thanks to David for the tip.

David also says check out the numerous comments.


3 Comments to “The Last Word on Winepress Publishing”

  1. A sad story for those duped into purchasing some very expensive “services”. Sadly, reading the article’s comments, Winepress’ founder is going to try again and start another vanity press. She wasn’t the one doing the most egregious stuff here, but Winepress was sucking money off gullible authors long before this “pastor” came along and talked her out of her company.

  2. …and don’t let the door hit you on the @$$ on the way out.

  3. Historically, some of the biggest hucksters, scammers, snake-oil salesmen, and ripoff artists have been those working in the “religion biz.”

    Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, Kenneth Copeland, Pat Robertson, Peter Popoff, Jimmy Swaggert, Oral Roberts, Reverend Ike, Marjoe Gortner (and his parents), Daddy Grace, Jim Jones (!!!)… The list could fill a jumbo jet.

    Why should Winepress Publishing, and those involved, be any different?

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