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300+ Fool-Proof Fonts to use for your Book Cover Design

17 February 2014

From CreativeIndie:

Using the right fonts on your book cover helps tell the reader what genre your book fits into and elic­its an emo­tional response.

You want it to look great, but also be appro­pri­ate, fit in well with the cover design, and (prob­a­bly) be just a lit­tle more inter­est­ing than a stan­dard font.

So I’ve put together some cheat-sheets of the best fonts to use for your book cover, divided by genre.

In gen­eral, stick to 1 “fancy” or dec­o­ra­tive font, and keep the other fonts very sim­ple. You don’t want them to compete.

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Link to the rest at CreativeIndie


21 Comments to “300+ Fool-Proof Fonts to use for your Book Cover Design”

  1. This is awesome. Thank you!

  2. I quite agree with this person’s “eye” for appropriate fonts.

    • Yep. I was ready to argue, but the horror ones, for example, looked spot-on.

      • Yeah. I’ve been keeping my own little list of good fonts (I make covers for other folks, as well as doing my own covers, so right-font-for-genre is important to me) but this guy’s list is way more comprehensive and easier to use than my own. I’ve been meaning to type out the name of each font in its own font on a graphic like these, but I never have the time. Now I don’t have to! Yay!

  3. Disclaimer; Derek is my cover artist.

    That said, I can’t recommend him enough. Posts of this quality are pretty regular on his blog as well.

    • Namedropper.

    • I admit, I like a lot of his posts and a lot of his work on his blog. As a graphic designer myself, I was dismayed by his portfolio. It’s terrible, which is totally at odds with the high quality of work he shows in his posts and his big templates package. So just a comment: I don’t recommend studying his portfolio for book cover ideas like I would with, say, Jason Gurley.

      That said, I love his taste in fonts, but I don’t share his taste in what makes a stronger cover. I think we must tend toward different subgenres because when he critiques self-made covers, I often agree, but when he critiques pro covers, I often don’t.

  4. Stunned that Papyrus and Comic Sans didn’t make the lists.


  5. Sorry, I just cannot bring myself to use “Twilight” on a romance cover. Nothing against the font, but, no.

  6. I think I just fell in love with Aquiline.

    • It’s one of my favorites. Then, he’s found a lot of my favorites from my stationery days when they weren’t commonly used yet.

      If you pick up Aquiline, pick up Aquiline 2 as well. The two are similar enough to use interchangeably but with differences that mean you can tweak the shapes of your titles by substituting the font on one letter or two.

  7. What’s the font used for the headings? I like that one a lot.

  8. He’s got great font ideas. I’ll bookmark this. I already have a font I’m using for my fantasy; it’s Esmeralda Pro. It has great swashes that fit the look I’m going for. I’ve been having trouble with finding good sci-fi fonts, so this will be perfect.

  9. There’s a font called Horse Puke (under horror) which really is a horror because a horse cannot throw up.

  10. This is such a great list. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Where is the list of best fonts for Amish romance?

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