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Money and Control

14 February 2014

PG is going to get bored by this pretty soon, but, in the meantime, he’s put up a few more t-shirts based on suggestions in the comments – The Passive Voice T-Shirt Shop


a1 a1 copy




23 Comments to “Money and Control”

  1. Thank you!

  2. Shirt has been ordered! And there is a nice Zazzle discount going on for President’s day weekend, speaking of money flowing toward the author…

  3. Another T-shirt idea, which might use larger print for the first line and tiny print for the rest…


    Mark Twain, Virginia Woolf, Walt Whitman, James Joyce, Benjamin Franklin, Rudyard Kipling, D. H. Lawrence, Thomas Paine, Edgar Allan Poe, Gertrude Stein, Henry David Thoreau… and me.

  4. I understand about getting bored, PG, but don’t close down the store. Let it buy you coffee for a few years! 🙂

  5. Amazon Derangement Syndrome.
    Good one!

  6. WWJAD?


  7. One more suggestion…

    Submitting to traditional publishing doesn’t pass my WIBBOW* test

    *Would I Be Better Off Writing

    • I like this one.

      How about–

      Querying doesn’t pass my WIBBOW* test

      *Would I Be Better Off Writing

      I used to be an editor, can you tell? 🙂

  8. I got two:

    “Pay the Writer — Harlan Ellison”


    “Team Howey”

  9. I managed to resist till I saw the Amazon Derangement Syndrome shirt.

  10. *I survived Traditional Publishing*

  11. The Passive Voice
    est. 20**

    Sorry PG, not sure what year you got the ball rolling!

  12. ITRS*

    *It’s the reader, stupid.

  13. Self-Publishing

  14. Indie Writers
    Out of the Gate(keepers)

  15. Self-Published Books
    (for those who don’t need gatekeeping)

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