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Show, Don’t Tell

14 February 2014

From Kris in the comments:

Writers know about “Show, Don’t Tell.” Publishers keep trying to tell us that we’re better off with them, but they haven’t done much to show it.


4 Comments to “Show, Don’t Tell”

  1. Silly billy, don’t you realise that advice is for you little children, (authors) and not the grown ups (publishers)?

  2. Totally on target. Nice one.

  3. Big Traditional Publisher

    Exactly as Shantnu says! Yes!

    Oh I wish it were 1993 again.

    We ruled you like kings and you were happy for the crumbs that rolled off our tables. *Sigh* The good old days.

    Show you? You BEGGED us for a chance to publish you and leaped through hoops for us! We didn’t have to show you anything. Certainly not respect or good contracts unless you were a bestseller (and even then we’d try a few tricks if we could *wink* *wink*).

  4. Dead on.

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