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4 Cliche Things Every Dystopian Young Adult Movie Does

31 March 2014

From Cracked:

This year, fans of the young adult dystopian film genre will have four different movies from four different franchises playing in theaters. Besides the second Hunger Games, there’s Divergent, Maze Runner, and The Giver, all based on novels from the same section of your local Books-A-Million. But don’t worry if you can’t afford to watch all of them — if you’ve seen one, you can guess how the others go.

. . . .

#4. Every Movie Begins With Youngsters in Drab Clothing Riding Trains

Apart from the love triangles and the overabundance of grayscale, the first surefire sign that you’re about to watch YA dystopian sci-fi is to have a bunch of forlorn-looking teens standing around, all wearing the same grim clothes.

. . . .

Heaven forbid they fly to their destinations, which might cut down on the two-and-a-half-hour runtime all of these movies insist on having.

. . . .

#1. All of the Authors Are Pyromaniacs



Link to the rest at Cracked and thanks to Shantnu for the tip.


16 Comments to “4 Cliche Things Every Dystopian Young Adult Movie Does”

  1. “Sauron gets royalties for this, right?”

    Then, my morning laugh progressed to a morning face-palm.

    They’re making a YA dystopian movie from…a James Patterson novel?

    I’m going to need more coffee.

  2. Oh this is too hilarious! I must must must go read the article.

  3. Funny stuff, but true. I wonder if Hunger Games would have been the same had they all been dressed like Don Johnson in Miami Vice. Having grown up reading things like On the Beach and 1984, it’s amazing I don’t need therapy (or maybe I do). Let us vow, should we venture into the land of dystopian, to dress our characters gayly, give them something fun in their lives, and possibly even a happy ending. And definitely some kick-a** jet aircraft (that cannot be shot down with a bow and arrow).

    • I write dystopian, and although my endings have hope, they’re not happy. The characters sometimes have fun and get dressed up, but they’re living in a dystopia, not a utopia. 😉 Fun and frills it ain’t.

      If you want to read a YA dystopian with jets, try the Legend series by Marie Lu. 🙂

    • This was done with The Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld, where everyone who hits 17 is surgically enhanced to extreme terrifying perfection and brainwashed to live life as though it’s one long empty Hollywood party.

      The following books, the Pretties, the Specials, the Extras continued the story and it just got more and more horrifying. I liked the exploration of how easy it is for human beauty to turn into inhuman monstrosity, and the addictive quality of plastic surgery, or “surge.” Considering the self enhancing era we’re living in, it’s very well done stuff.

    • @Ron

      And jetpacks. Don’t forget the jetpacks!

  4. Since I’m not a fan of YA dystopian I find this very funny.

    • What about the mean girl/popular cheerleader clique as secondary protagonist? Or is that a different genre I’m thinking about? 😛

  5. Interesting premise, except that two of the four items them mentioned don’t actually apply to the Maze Runner series, which is one of the books they are holding up to insist the cliche’s hold through. Incidentally, that’s the only series I’ve actually read out of the four. Apparently two things in common wasn’t enough to write an article on.

  6. I’ve read a lot of YA dystopians, and although I like Cracked.com I’m not sure they did their homework on this one.

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