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McDonald’s offers kids free e-books

30 April 2014

From The Bookseller:

Fast food chain McDonald’s is teaming up with Kobo to offer free downloads of children’s books for the first time.

From today (30th April), every Happy Meal box will come with an e-book voucher allowing customers to download Famous Five book Five and A Half-Term Adventure by Enid Blyton (Hodder Children’s Books).

McDonald’s said it decided to venture into e-books after consultation with the National Literacy Trust (NLT), whose research shows that kids’ ownership and access to tablets has grown in recent years.

. . . .

However, McDonald’s said it is not deserting print books and the Happy Meal boxes will also contain one of six Secret Seven stories, again written by Blyton and published by Hodder, and a £1 voucher that can be used to buy a Secret Seven or Famous Five book at WHSmith or Eason.

Link to the rest at The Bookseller

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8 Comments to “McDonald’s offers kids free e-books”

  1. This is just McDonald’s UK, right?

  2. I don’t see any references to other countries. Kobo is pretty big in Canada too, so you might think they would expand the program to Canada.

    Or maybe they will partner with Amazon in N.A.

  3. Maybe we can look forward to a lot more fat literate kids. Salad munchers will start lagging behind on their school tests.

  4. Cool. Anything that introduces kids to reading, especially with the mainstream legitimacy of McDonalds’, is a plus in my book.

    I bet we see more of these. E-books are an easy ‘give away’ that has real value in the eyes of the consumer. And the parents – a smart marketing tactic for McD.

  5. I support this of course, but given its doubtful future, was Kobo the best choice?
    Instead, how about releasing these books via Project Gutenburg: Multiple formats, no DRM.

  6. I was getting really excited until I found out it was UK only.

  7. Cool. I loved Enid Blyton as a kid.

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