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Sonnet 18

29 April 2014

One of PG’s favorites. And we’re completing National Poetry Month in the US.


15 Comments to “Sonnet 18”

  1. …sigh…!

    ETA: Not fair, PG. Not fair.

  2. Love Tom’s voice! Makes me swoon.

  3. Sigh…

  4. Do I need to put a sigh warning up at the top?

  5. A lot of virtual hotel room keys being thrown up on a virtual stage, I see. Damn your charm, Hiddleston!

    This reminds me of another poem, by the group LFO:

    When you take a sip you buzz like a hornet,
    Billy Shakespeare wrote a whole bunch of sonnets.


  6. Tom Hiddleston could read an information brochure on coronary stents and still make everyone in the room swoon.

  7. Oh my goodness.

    Who is this Tom Hiddleston, and why have I never heard of him?

    Oh my.

    • He was Loki in Thor: the Dark World, and he’s currently in a car advert with Mark Strong and Ben Kingsley (Tom’s the one drinking tea in a helicopter (I suppose someone had to)).
      Her’s a link to the ad on Youtube-


    • He’s also burdened with glorious purpose.

      This reminds me, you have to see his impression of Owen Wilson doing an impression of Loki.

    • @ Dan – Ha! 😀

      @ Paul – thanks for the link. I saw Thor….but somehow I didn’t see the “IT” factor in the movie.

      But his “IT” factor is all over this sonnet.


  8. You had me at Tom Hiddleston.

  9. *jaw dropping*

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