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Biting the Hand

31 May 2014

From the comments regarding Big Publishing:

It doesn’t make sense to me. What will it take before those authors start biting the hand that’s picking their pocket?

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5 Comments to “Biting the Hand”

  1. Some of them never will stop. Some writers crave the illusion of “legitimacy” conferred upon them by being “chosen” by a publisher. To some of them, it matters far more than being paid a fair wage for the work they do.

  2. Did you see Malcolm Gladwell’s article in the NYT? The poor schlub thinks he’s a partner.

    It’s sort of heartbreaking when your partner turns on you.


    • Apparently, Gladwell doesn’t get the difference between something affecting you and something being directed at you.

      The Amazon/Hachette dispute has nothing to do with authors. I’m still trying to figure out what makes some authors think that they’re any different than contractors in other industries. I can’t recall the last time I saw employees of a company (especially one with such a history of screwing people) mobilize to talk so much smack about the other side in a negotiation.

      It ain’t about you, guys.

      Incidentally, that interview is a masterclass in self-importance. I’m almost impressed by the ego on Gladwell.

      • Just proves that even really smart guys can be really, really dumb. I own all of Gladwell’s books. I bought them used because they were too expensive.

    • That was a wonderful article, Jaye. I needed a laugh this morning.

      Gladwell really thinks he is one of Amazon’s biggest assets? At first, I thought that maybe NYT was confused about what retailer they were talking about. Maybe it was a smaller books-only outlet? But even substituting Powell’s for Amazon still doesn’t help.

      Gladwell, I think the vast majority of folks working at Amazon don’t even know who you are, but don’t feel bad, its the same way over at Hatchette.

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