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Hitler hates Amazon, too

31 May 2014

Thanks to Milo for the tip.

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13 Comments to “Hitler hates Amazon, too”

  1. Yikes! Using Downfall for Amazon?!
    Kinda cool really.

  2. Hahahahah.

    I just literally* died laughing.

    *not literally.

  3. Are you allowed to rebroadcast James Patterson’s speech to the booksellers?

  4. Deliciously perfect, PG! Thank you!

  5. Marvelous!

  6. I cannot stop laughing. The Fuhrer stomped by a geek. Bezos would like Austria.

  7. Still gasping!

  8. That’s the first time Hitler or anything to do with him made me laugh. I hope Jeff Bezos watches this and has a chuckle.

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