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New Kindle Feature

30 July 2014

13 Comments to “New Kindle Feature”

  1. Pronounces French books with a French accent.

  2. Best part of the news report may be the caption at the bottom that says, ‘Shield mode shouts “Faulkner” when you play Candy Crush’

  3. I’d better get the paper copy of 50 Shades.

  4. I’m convinced that the bookcase of the future will be a sleek, elegant, wood-paneled version of Redbox. All of your ebooks will be displayed in a kiosk of digital shelves, and off to the side will be a crystal decanter filled with your adult beverage of choice. This is how Everyone Who’s Anyone will opt to show off how cultured they are in the future. Give it time; you’ll see.

    • I want one.

    • Or maybe it will be like those digital picture frames — only with the shape of an esoteric objet d’art — that will rotate through the book covers you choose to display.

      Although to be honest, my computer can do that anyway — I currently have the screen saver rotating through classic movie posters, but it could be interesting to display a wide variety of literature and other things — like cards from Fluxx and screen grabs from games and wikimedia images of great works of art.

  5. Funny. Thanks, PG.

  6. This is fantastic fun. Thanks for the headsup. Blogged about it on Meekas Mind. 🙂

  7. Saw this a couple of days ago and both laughed and groaned. The groaning is because someone suffering ADS will see it, think it’s legit and go on another anti-Amazon rant (because it takes so little to trigger one of those).

  8. This is hysterical. (snort)

  9. I loved one of the last (the last?) bullet at the bottom. “Nook breathlessly thanks the reader for buying a Nook.”

  10. Cracked me up! 😀

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