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France’s anti-Amazon minister goes

31 August 2014

From TeleRead:

In the latest of a series of ministerial exits from the deeply unpopular government of French President François Hollande, minister for culture Aurélie Filippetti has quit during a ministerial reshuffle, ostensibly over Hollande’s new austerity policies.

. . . .

Filippetti has been at the forefront of France’s cultural offensive against Amazon and in favor of its own bookstores and publishing industry. The campaign’s significant lack of success is not listed as a major reason for her departure, but it hardly adds to her list of achievements. As recently as mid-August, Filippetti was publicly castigating Amazon again as a destroyer of literary diversity, and pledging her support for the Authors United anti-Amazon campaign.

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6 Comments to “France’s anti-Amazon minister goes”

  1. Vive la France! 😉

  2. She’ll always have a job with Lagardere. They know she can carry water with the best of them. 😉

    • I do not agree with everything Aurelie Filipetti has done as a minister, but saying she will sell herself to Lagardere is a very cheap shot. She left the government because she believed the economic policies were not left-wing enough. She is the daughter of a coalminer and she has some ideals, even if the way she implements them are maybe misguided.
      The problem is not that she carries water for the corporations and trad-pubs. The problem is that, despite being very intelligent, she (and many others) truly believes that Amazon is a danger to litterature. It is a case of blindness, not corruption.
      I hope.

      • Either way, she’ll be very useful to them.

        But not cheaply.
        Revolving door politicians are never cheap.

      • I understand she’s herself an author, traditionally published, which could also explain her position with regard to BigPublishing.

        Additionally, we musn’t forget that while she was minister of Culture, the job in fact is more minister of Cultural Ecosystem, and if she were to push for ebooks and “Amazon pricing” , she’d be pushing for a major disruption of the ecosystem she’s a minister of.

        Previous is more explanation than excuses. I think her positions are globally a disgrace, but nonetheless, her JOB is not easy… and the BigPublishing lobbies had more access to her…

  3. Good riddance! For me, she was clearly supporting Hachette and the big publishers, with her declarations and the “prix unique de l’ebook”. Of course, previous governments also did with that same policy.

    The problem is, if you want to defend the distribution system and the bookstores, you have to defend big publishers, because big publishers are holding the distribution system, and the booksellers are their special customers.

    But if you become an activist for these bookstores and what is named “chaîne du livre” in France, you are doomed to play against Amazon, and playing against Amazon, these days, is also playing against a vast number of self-published authors.

    It is very interesting that the ministry replacing Filipetti, Fleur Pellerin, was previously in the same government the ministry of the digital economy.

    It could be interpreted as a signal of change, although I wouldn’t be so optimistic. The thing is, the lobbies of big publishing, distribution and booksellers are much more efficient than the ones of self-publishers and ebook technology. I won’t hold my breath on this one.

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