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29 September 2014

The Passive Voice has passed an important milestone today. As of a few minutes ago, visitors to the blog have contributed 150,000 comments.

Passive Guy has often said that the comments are the best part of the blog and he thanks each and every person who has contributed a thought, a question, a bit of snark, etc.

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  1. 🙂 You are welcome!

  2. Congrats!

  3. Just fled Politico’s site, where the commenters make YouTubers look reasonable.

    Hate that trash talk. Love this site, although I’m glad I can’t find out how many words I’ve contributed to this site. Might be a novel’s worth by now. 🙂

  4. To be honest I see most of news stories you link to well before you do so. I don’t come here for them; I come for the comments. In our own warped little way we’re a community of control freaks and artists who like to poke sticks at the old guard while helping each other to hone our craft. And you? You’re the one who puts up with us.

    • I don’t bother looking elsewhere first – I have limited energy, and what’s the point? If it’s important to publishing and self-publishing, PG will have it up here toute suite.

      The comments are also leads to blogs and books worth reading; intelligent argument supported by the occasional fact is a relative rarity online.

      IF a post needs reading in its entirety – the link is there.

      You do a heck of a job, PG.

  5. I know I read the comments here. We have a lot of wise people with a vast array of experience in life. It’s one of the things that makes The Passive Voice so great! 😀

  6. Woohoo! And absolutely yes on the overall quality of the comments here. Thanks for providing and presiding over this awesome digital salon, PG!

  7. Well done, PG. You provide a superb one-stop shop and community.

  8. I look forward to reading TPV, particularly the comments, each morning, almost as much as I look forward to my coffee. Almost. Let’s not get crazy.

  9. Yay! Congratulations!

  10. As interesting as the stories regarding Amazon vs. traditional publishing have been, they do not even touch many writers’ real problem: How do we connect with readers?
    I have written three self-published e-books (available at Amazon, naturally), and I market with groups which are ostensibly interested in my subjects.
    How are sales?
    I have good reviews, believe myself to be a good writer and diligent researcher for my historical novels.
    But I can’t find enough readers and they, I guess, don’t find me.
    The next tech breakthrough needs to be something that makes this easier.
    By the way, I can’t pay for ads.

    • Other than the dubiousness of posting your woes in the middle of a congratulatory thread, there are a few things you need to do with your books to make them more appealing to readers.

      Cover-shaped covers with consistent branding -(hint: 2×3 ratio). People on covers sell better than landscapes. Use the right font (Scalp Mountain is close). Be consistent with your author name. Write better, tighter, more compelling blurbs.

      Authors need to STUDY and ANALYZE the bestselling books in their subgenres and then emulate what they see. Step back and really look at what the top sellers are doing, and then put your books side-by-side and make changes accordingly.

      • Agree with Anthea.

        – 2×3 ratio for covers
        – better cover design
        – short, snappy blurbs: your first paragraph (Julia Robb) is close to what you want, but then you go on for 3 more paras and dissipate the interest that the first para built.

        Odd sizes for covers, poor cover design, and off-putting blurbs can all erode (or tank) sales of a book that many readers might enjoy.

    • I personally think the ideas presented on “genre hobo” are pretty great. I won’t link here but google is your friend.

    • PG. Congratulations. You are awesome. TPV is my first stop every morning. Not only do I learn a lot, some days I laugh so hard I fall off the chair. Even so, I’m with Julia, suffering through poor sales. Although since most of mine are contemporary romance, I get a check now and then. But I can’t afford ads with that, so I just hang in and am grateful for the new friends I follow here.

    • I Agree with Anthea, also-
      For the landing page, the video capture of the photos draws attention to the art instead of your books. It would be fine if you were selling the paintings. It doesn’t sell your books.

  11. Congrats! I know I recommend this site to lots of writers, telling them that it’s an important site to help know what’s going on in the industry. But more important is the comments. So thanks to all of you for your constant thoughts, jokes, and other mutterings. I also want to add that your commentary, PG, is a valued addition to any story you post. Thanks, PG!

  12. (holds up lighter, sings along with “we are the champions”) 😀

    But where would we be without our urbane host? Where, I ask you?? Yay, Passive Guy!

  13. There’s nowhere else I’d rather hang out. Love the posts, love the comments, relish the snark.

  14. Hey PG – I know this is a somewhat self serving post but I hope it won’t come across as such.
    I have been trying to get into my writing for a long time after giving up twenty five years ago after showing some work to the wrong person.
    Reading PV every few days for the last year or two has given me a constant nudge to get at it again, and the confidence to publish myself instead of having to wait up to a year for some self appointed arbiter of good writing to ‘chose me’ to publish.
    Earlier this week I self published my first book, an MI5 spy thriller and I feel fantastic, even if no one ever buys it.
    It’s called “Vineyard” and is on Amazon and Smashwords. Thanks again !

  15. Congrats! It’s been quite a ride.

  16. Congrats, PG. Love hanging out here daily!

  17. Way to go, PG.

    And you’re welcome for all my occasional snark.

  18. Congratulations on a milestone very much earned.

  19. Thanks for kick starting all these topics, PG. We wouldn’t hear about a great many topics without you.

    And comments? More fun than sitting on the grass in a litter of bouncy puppies.

  20. TPV is one of the few sites I check every day.
    Thanks again. 🙂

  21. Wow! That’s so cool, PG! And there’s probably ten times as many individual visitors, which is even cooler.

  22. It makes me feel good that I’ve contributed to your success even if I’m only 0.0000133% of it.

  23. All I can do is agree with all of the above. TPV is my first stop in my morning net surf.

    Keep up the good work and here’s to the next 150K


  24. Hurray!

    Here’s to 500,000 soon

  25. I wonder what percentage of those are Dan DeWitt’s …

  26. This site has a well educated, deep thinking, and just damn good looking bunch of commenters. I am proud to be a part of it and hope to be here when TPV hits 300k!

  27. Reading the comments here keeps me from screaming at my computer screen when I see zombie memes and other general stupidity in the industry I love. So thanks PG and fellow commenters.

  28. Congrats PG! I remember the first few months of the site, when I found it while searching for more good writing blogs. You’ve definitely provided a fantastic reason to keep checking RSS feeds.

  29. Congrats, PG! That’s quite a milestone 🙂
    And of course, this site and its commenters rock.

  30. Congrats, PG, and *thank you*. This site—especially the comments–has kicked up my writing- and business-fu ever since another writer sent me here a few years ago. I look forward to the blog every day.

  31. 150,000 is a pretty amazing number! 🙂

    I’ve been one of your followers for a long time, PG, and there’s very few days go by that I don’t check in. Fabulous information and, yes, some terrifically smart and informed comments.

    Thank you.

  32. Congrats, PG. And many thanks for taking the time to maintain such an awesome and educational community.

  33. Congratulations is a lame word for the kind of recognition you deserve. The Passive Voice is a feast and it’s always interesting coming to the table.


  34. Drive-by Deb’s comments account for exactly 1.7% of posts*

    *I used Whale Math to derive this statistic.

  35. TPV is a community of discussion where someone can post with and the other commentators will respond with reason and without personal attacks. On the internet that is almost unheard of.

    Thank you PG.

    Now where did I put the popcorn?

  36. Congratulations, PG! I don’t comment often, but TPV is my first stop for publishing news.

  37. Awesome!

    I have truly come to love this place. It’s great for learning things, for connecting and for the daily snark-fix.

    Thank you so much for being the host.

  38. That’s great & you’re now well on the way to 150100 comments.

    I don’t comment very often at all but I do visit at least once (most often twice) a day. I’m not addicted it’s the time zone difference responsible for the second visit, that’s it.

    Congrats PG & thanks for the blog.

  39. Bartholomew Thockmorton

    May the next 150K be as fantabulous as the first!

  40. Congrats PG! Funny, I recommended your site as my ‘first stop over coffee’ to an author just this week. Keep up the amazing work! It’s truly appreciated, probably far more than you realize.

  41. Thanks for the kind words, all.

  42. Yay, PG! Good on you! You make it look easy, but maintaining a well-tempered community such as you do has got to be trying at times.


  43. Love the selection of items, love the occasional PG snark, and love the community of commenters. A one-stop-shop, if you want it to be, and a unique ecosystem. Thanks!

  44. Like everyone upthread, I love this place, our gracious host, and the guests. Thank you!

  45. Congrats, PG. Best blog IMHO.

  46. Congrats PG! You’re the best.

  47. Not to take anything away from this great accomplishment and your careful and brilliant stewardship, but I do think you have to credit Douglas Preston and his terrific comedy act for the last little rush over the top.

    Particularly if you’re counting snarky comments.

  48. A hearty and well-deserved congrats, PG. I spend more time on this blog than any other I can think of.

    Thank you, too, for your unfailing courtesy when repeatedly subjected to my habit of sending in links to things you’ve already posted or things that turn out to be reposts of content that is months old. In either case, you always reply with a variant of “Thanks, and keep ’em coming!” rather than, “Hey, dummy—there’s already a 30-comment thread on this that started yesterday!”

    This site and your patience are much appreciated.

  49. Let me add my congrats as well. That’s a lotta comments!!!

  50. You’re very welcome

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