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Server Problems

30 January 2015

Due to hosting problems, The Passive Voice was down for an hour last night. A runaway program not associated with TPV ran amok, filled up the hard drive and crashed the server.

This morning, PG was locked out of any administrative functions for the blog due to issues arising from the server crash last night. He is now an expert on all the various methods of resetting an administrator’s password on WordPress.

Fortunately, all the nooks and crannies of TPV are once more available to PG and he will add some additional blog posts shortly.

One of the many reasons for today’s frustrations is that a lot of people have sent good tips this morning.

PG's Thoughts (such as they are)

4 Comments to “Server Problems”

  1. We really appreciate the trouble you go to.

    WordPress Delenda Est!

    • Nothing like a Punic Wars reference to add a little class to TPV after a server crash, Dorothy.

  2. I wondered what happened. Thanks for the update, PG.

  3. Advice on anything you learned that will help others (me) avoid similar crashes, greatly appreciated.

    Sorry it was so frustrating to learn.

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