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Simon & Schuster Offers Expanded Author Services in New Multimedia Imprint

30 January 2015

From Digital Book World:

Simon & Schuster rolls out a new imprint designed to “offer authors an expanded suite of profile-building, ancillary services that extend beyond the boundaries of traditional publishing,” according to a statement released today.

The imprint, called North Star Way, will focus on wellness and self-improvement nonfiction, delivered in a variety of multimedia formats in addition to print and ebooks, from apps and podcasts to online video.

Headed up by VP and Publisher Michele Martin, North Star Way will initially launch with four titles. Adam Rothberg, SVP of Corporate Communications at Simon & Schuster, explains that “the focus is to do a lot of things with a smaller group of authors and titles,” as opposed to publishing in high volumes.

. . . .

The move shows Simon & Schuster doubling down on forms of multimedia that books now compete with in an increasingly mobile-driven landscape. Earlier this month, Simon & Schuster announced a series of paid online video courses called SimonSays, featuring tutorials led by some of the publisher’s best-known authors. The new imprint appears to take that approach one step further, positioning such multimedia as a regular part of authors’ content offerings, not just marketing material surrounding their books.

. . . .

Rothberg confirms that contracts for North Star Way authors will account for the “new services and activities being offered, along with the traditional book publishing language about advances, royalties, rights, territories, etc.” but declined to offer specifics.

Link to the rest at Digital Book World and thanks to HN for the tip.

For some reason, PG immediately thought of Author Solutions.

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8 Comments to “Simon & Schuster Offers Expanded Author Services in New Multimedia Imprint”

  1. Gosh, they have had to re-write their contracts last revisited in 1608

  2. For some reason, our Esteemed Host was not the only one who thought of Author Solutions.

  3. All these services they’re offering are paid for by the author? The article only mentions Simon Says explicitly, but I skimmed the full article so may have missed something. They avoid mentioning money at all in the press release as far as I saw. It’s just creepy, IMO.

  4. They finally realized that they can charge for their nurturing. Brilliant.

  5. @ PG

    “For some reason, PG immediately thought of Author Solutions.”

    No kidding! First thought in my mind, too. And I bet we’re far from alone on that here at TPV.

    (Naturally, “expanded suite services” require “expanded cost reimbursements,” too.)

  6. Yeah something scammy was my thought too. This is weird though, I can’t find any reference to North Star Way on the web except a couple of records of someone from CBS (S&S’s owner) filing trademark docs last week.

    Anyone else have better luck?

  7. As I’m quite familiar with that field of business, I don’t doubt they’ll find many first-time authors willing to sign up to this, and willing to shell out the money.

    Authors that are primarily coaches, healers and members of the alternative health community trying to set up a book to bring in business will flock there. It sounds even better than the Hay House Autor Solutions thing…

    *sigh* I’ll do my best to let those hopefuls know.

  8. Yeah, baby! Because there are still plenty of people to fleece, don’t ya know?

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