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Amazon Giveaway – The First Self-Service Giveaway Tool

10 February 2015

From The Amazon Media Room:

Introducing Amazon Giveaway, a new self-service tool designed to modernize the time-tested radio giveaway. Today, people are more likely to encounter giveaways on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, where the word “giveaway” is used more than a million times every day. Everyone from authors, aspiring artists, non-profits, brands, bloggers, social media gurus and more, can now use Amazon to create a giveaway, choosing prizes from millions of eligible physical items. Amazon Giveaway is an intuitive tool that allows anyone to create and host their own giveaway, to generate awareness and reward their audiences.

“The idea of running giveaway promotions is easy. They are a really effective way to attract attention and build engagement, but giveaways often come with hidden costs and complexities which makes the reality of running one hard,” said Steve Shure, Vice President Consumer Marketing. “Amazon Giveaway is the first self-service tool that takes care of all the hard work of a giveaway, from setting up all of the rules to shipping prizes directly to winners.”

. . . .

Anyone who wants to host a giveaway can get started at amazon.com/giveaway or simply visit Amazon to find the eligible item they would like as a prize and click “Set up a giveaway” near the bottom of the product detail page. From there, the host determines the giveaway details, enters custom content and decides whether prizes will go to many entrants or to the first few entrants. Hosts receive a unique link that they can share with their audiences how, when, and where they choose.

Eligible prize items are shipped and sold by Amazon.com. As many as 50 prizes can be awarded per giveaway, with a total value of up to $5,000.

Link to the rest at Amazon Media Room

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18 Comments to “Amazon Giveaway – The First Self-Service Giveaway Tool”

  1. Interesting that it doesn’t seem to mention that running contesta and such violates the terms of many of those social media platforms mentioned…


    • “Bring us more money! Break their rules if you have to — just don’t you dare break ours!” 😉

    • I’m not sure where you are getting that information. I work for an agency that does social media, and you are definitely allowed to run giveaways; you just need to follow legal requirements.

    • Amazon has no responsibility for managing other firms’ operations.

      • True.

        That said, I think that firms like amazon that are seeing an immense flow in of new enterpreneurs (writers, here and now) would be best served if they helped those providers understand certain legal implications. A 50 screen EULA is not conductive to that.

        When you fail to do that, you end up with trouble down the road and a lot (A LOT) of people angry at you and your “it was in the contract, dammit!” defense.

        Take care

  2. Wish they offered Kindle books. They do have paperbacks on the program, though.

  3. Yeah, I can see a few things authors would be disappointed with…

    No ebooks
    No Kindles

  4. I wonder whether “follow me on Twitter” is the only conditional you can set up. I’d love to be able to do a give-away where anyone who buys the first book in my series has a chance to win the second one, just as a frex. That could be pretty cool, especially for folks who do the save-six-books-and-release-all-at-once thing, the official name of which I always forget.


  5. I can’t find anything that is in the giveaway program, let alone anything I could give away. Does Amazon expect me to go through 50 million items to find something?

    Just go to ebay, find something for $1 from China with free shipping and have it sent to the winner.

  6. That’s interesting. Would love to easily organize giveaways for my books. So I hope that ebooks will be included eventually, and that they create an option for international giveaways.

    As I’m in Germany, I’ve become very reluctant to even look at giveaways. They are usually restricted to the US. Rafflecopter – a favorite among my writing friends – doesn’t even work for me. So giveaways have become a source of frustration for me.

  7. I’ve been running a monthly giveaway on my website for years. Its main purpose is to grow my newsletter list — the form includes a pre-checked box to join the list, which entrants can uncheck, of course, but most don’t.

    I think collecting entrant info is the motivation behind most giveaways, whether they’re run by single authors, small companies, or large corporations. Amazon is not going to provide any info, so I can’t imagine a single good reason for using their tool. To my mind, they are the beneficiaries of this program in every way that counts: they collect and keep the entrant info, they make money on the prizes, and the giveaway hosts drive traffic to their store.

    Not that I’m cynical or anything. 😉

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