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Amazon Buttons

31 March 2015

Nothing to do with books, but typical Amazon.

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  1. And I thought my subscribe and save was cool! (which it is)

    I don’t see myself putting buttons in my house; love seeing the new ideas that Amazon tries out.

  2. I don’t get this. Why the need to press a button if Amazon knows what you need and has shipped it already?


  3. I have lots of problems with Subscribe & Save, namely, the product list is quite unstable. About 1/3 of my products go out of availability from order to order, some for months at a time or permanently.

    This list of products for Dash is tiny, and there’s a limit of 3 buttons per household, not surprising considering they have electronic innards. I’m not sure how the prices compare to Subscribe & Save, either.

    Is it an experiment to replace Subscribe & Save? I wouldn’t mind if the prices were similar and the product availability were reliable (and it supported more than three products).

    • I haven’t had that experience with S&S so far. I have fun rearranging my monthly shipments. I think they have really improved how that works. I love saving 15% on stuff I buy all the time.

      • I wish S&S would let us set our own intervals for shipments. Their options do not meet my needs. The buttons would fix that, but I don’t see any buttons in my future.

        • Hi Patricia, you can change your delivery date which would modify your interval. On your S&S page, under the date of the upcoming delivery, there is a link to change delivery date. Not sure what you are looking for; hope that helps.

          • What I’m looking for is the option to select the number of weeks between shipments for an item, not months … also, I want the shipment to be determined for individual items, not all of my S&S products shipping on the date Amazon specifies. For my stuff, it’s the 19th of the month. Some items arrive before I need them; others arrive after I need them. In a house with little storage space, those early arrivals are a problem. And when taking supplements, the late arrivals are also a problem. I usually end up canceling the S&S program and ordering as needed.

          • Ah yes, I understand the supplement thing…. I have a lot of those on S&S too. I solve that by rearranging my S&S as needed. Each month I bring up what is scheduled and then move things sooner or push later as more accurately reflects my needs. I’ve even moved entire deliveries earlier in the month as I was running out of my most expensive item and wanted that 15% discount!

            (had to reply to my own comment as we are too deep in the replies to reply directly)

  4. The amount of pre-packaged stuff this particular household depends on is amazingly large. Granted, it’s a commercial, so Amazon is going to want to encourage consumerism, with bright boxes, and everything available at your fingertips.

    But my first thought was, why would you want to decorate your house with buttons (that also serve as little mini-commercials for product), and my second thought was, gosh, I hope they are recycling or reusing all those shipping boxes! (Amazon shipping boxes are excellent for re-use, since they come in oh-so-many amazing sizes!)

    • We call Amazon boxes “PGBs,” short for Perfectly Good Boxes. It’s almost impossible to throw a PGB away, since any day now we’re going to find the perfect use for it. And sometimes we do.

      • Oh, yes! There’s always something you can put in them! The boxes books come in are particularly good for tax paperwork, so they don’t spread all over the table and everywhere.

      • Certain sizes I save for shipping out other products I offer. I get really happy when Amazon (just had to fix what I typed which was AMAZING instead of Amazon – I do that a lot) sends something in the PERFECT box for something else I sell.

        The mudroom tends to fill up with Amazing/Amazon boxes. In fact, I just wrote “mudroom” on my todo list which really means “breakdown Amazon boxes and put in the recycling.”

      • Obviously, you need some cats, Bridget.

        • Cats would indeed occupy many boxes, as Erwin Schrödinger would doubtless agree. We have just aquired a parrot. I haven’t asked her what she thinks of boxes, but I should. She loves turning pages on my Kindle Fire while I’m trying to read.

      • I have stacks of these, so many that I either have to start selling on ebay or move, maybe both. As for the buttons, they’re cute but I’m hoping to train my Echo (when it **finally** arrives) to do my ordering for me.

      • I need an iPhone app to manage my PGB’s.

      • I have quite a stack of PGBs as well. But I expect to move twice more, at the very least, in my lifetime, so they’ll get their use.

    • My wife runs a business selling on eBay. Through social media, mainly Facebook, she’s connected with people all over our city who regularly order from Amazon. When they have a few empty boxes they drop her a note and she swings by and picks them up. Green and cost effective since we almost never need to purchase shipping materials.

    • I’m auctioning off my old collections of wargames and comic books, and keep these boxes handy for reshipping.

    • But my first thought was, why would you want to decorate your house with buttons (that also serve as little mini-commercials for product)

      Mine will go inside the kitchen cabinets so the cat doesn’t become an Amazon Affiliate.

      • The brief moment in the commercial that showed a child pushing the button convinced me these would be terrible in my house. My kids love to push buttons.

  5. I can see why manufacturers would support it – prevents people from shopping around for better prices and finding different new favorite products.

    And of course, it’s great for Amazon, because if you don’t have to think about it, you don’t need to stop at a physical store to stock up. And it’s a little more fine-tuned than Subscribe and Save, without even having to log on and search around on your account.

    Not for me, but I can see why people would like it.

  6. Won’t my house look lovely with those adorable buttons stuck all over the place. Perhaps we’ll come to think of them as art…

  7. This list of products for Dash is tiny…

    Bummer! I was just imagining buttons for my Berry+ laundry soap, my Nourish Organic face soap, etc.

    Somehow, I doubt my products made that tiny list. 😉

  8. This is how replicators started…

  9. First world problems.

  10. What’s the date? This is an April Fool thing, yes? No?

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