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Google Play Books – For Authors on XinXii

12 March 2015

From XinXii Blog:

XinXii today announced a distribution agreement with Google, and we are pleased to present Google Play Books as another exciting sales opportunity for self-publishers.

. . . .

XinXii makes it fast and easy for every author to expand internationally: We make the e-book available to millions of potential readers in all 65 countries which support the purchase of e-books from Google Play:

Link to the rest at XinXii Blog and thanks to Russ for the tip.

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14 Comments to “Google Play Books – For Authors on XinXii”

  1. I can’t find much on this company. How do they compare to Smashwords and Draft2Digital?

  2. Does XinXii sale ebooks right on their sight? I couldn’t find anything on their sight. I’m happy with Draft2digital and Smashwords.

  3. They’ve announced Scribd, too.

    I’ve been distributed by them for two years (no charge, kludgy to make changes/updates – weak front end). Made three sales.

    I already get to Scribd and Google Play through other sources, so I have to opt out, but let’s hope this sign of life is an indicator of more usefulness to come.

  4. It’s got a few stores it distributes to that Smashwords doesn’t carry, and (like Smashwords) a low-level front end store of their own. I don’t think they convert your ebook for free, nor do they have an equivalent to the Meatgrinder (last I looked, anyway), so you need to prepare your epub and mobi files before uploading. German based company with a few language oddities in some of the documentation, which I attribute to translation artifacts.

    I loaded my first book (In Treachery Forged) up with no significant problems, but I have yet to have a sale through them (note that I was only using them to get to stores that had no direct method for uploading to and that Smashwords didn’t cover, which means mostly foreign language markets). There were technical glitches the next time I tried uploading a book to them, and I never bothered trying again (though In Treachery Forged is still there).
    (this was supposed to be in reply to Michael Robinson’s comment, above; I think I clicked on the wrong thing, so it didn’t thread properly)

  5. I went with them years ago when they only offered .pdf. In the two years that I used them, I didn’t sell one book, that’s why I canceled my account with them. Maybe I’ll give them another try, as soon as I strike AllRomance off my check list.

  6. I use Xinxii to get into countries in Europe that Amazon currently aren’t, and also the customers that may not want to deal with Amazon.

  7. Some time ago I posted that Casa del libro was selling my ebooks without my permission. XX was the distributor to that site.

    I had cancelled my XX distribution years before; somehow Casa never pulled my books or some other thing happened. I’m still not sure exactly how it all got started. I found out about it when KDP said I was in violation of the Select agreement by listing my books on Casa (a site I had never heard of).

    Casa never replied to any of my emails and as their site is entirely in Spanish it was really difficult to imagine there being a clear path to a solution.

    I pleaded with XX to intervene with their contacts at XX on my behalf. I posted on XX’s Facebook page and sent them emails. They did and eventually the books were removed from Casa.

    I don’t remember if I ever sold any books with XX while I had distribution with them.

  8. i think many outfits use indie authors as their beta testers of their cr… products that are not ready for prime time, except after and maybe not even then… after authors charge them with slow, lazy, erroneous coding, and spread the word that the glitches of cr software are not worth the sale of no or 3 books in a lifetime.

    I think many of us want access. And are enthused by much that comes along that offers access, but falls, way way short. I see so much that is a scam of unfinished software that does NOT do easily and fully, what is advertized. Surely that is unethical, ethics being higher than the law, often.

  9. XinXii – I tried it. I moved on.

  10. XinXii is probably my least favorite self-publishing platform. I appreciate that it gives me access to a bunch of foreign markets I normally would never get access to, but at the same time, I can’t update the files for my books quickly or easily, they mess up the pricing for my books, and I have never sold anything there, not even one copy.

    This news about partnering with Google Play doesn’t really excite me because I already publish directly to Google Play. This is probably relevant for XinXii authors who don’t go direct with Google, though.

    I am still publishing my books through XinXii, but I don’t know how much longer I will continue to do it.

  11. I’m one of the few people who actually sells the occasional book via XinXii. Back in 2011/12, XinXii accounted for 4-5% of my total sales, now it’s down to approx. 1%. I also get sales via their distribution network, mainly via Casa del Libro and the Tolino stores.

    I only use them for distribution to those vendors other distributors can’t reach (Casa del Libro, e-sentral and the mobile phone stores mainly), because of their slowness in making changes and taking down books. Reporting of distributed sales is also very slow.

    I already distribute to Scribd via D2D, so I don’t need XinXii for that. As for Google Play, I’d only use XinXii to distribute to them, if they’d managed to solve the problem of Google Play’s random discounting (which is actually illegal for German language books). Since the press release doesn’t say anything about that, I suspect that XinXii hasn’t managed to solve that problem either. So it looks as if my books will continue to remain unavailable at Google Play.

  12. 1. I wonder if via XinXii, Google won’t do downward price adjustments like they do to self-publishers who go direct to Google? 2. I believe Kobo (which I have given up on and will no longer use absent some earth shattering proof they have increased their competency and self-publisher support services) distributes to XinXii – so will Kobo users who also go direct to Google now wind up with 2 versions of their book on Google?

    That is one of the many things I like about D2D – the control they give on which platforms I distribute to through them and, unlike Smashwords, no automatic opt in when new platforms are added.

    • I like that about D2D as well. Very nice interface, and fast, competent service are well-worth their fee.

    • I go to Google Play via a distributor, ebookpartnership. They are unable to stop Google Play from discounting. In fact, they recommend a special price just for Google Play, that allows the discount factor to bring it down to your usual retail price, and they’re set up to distinguish Google Play from all the other retailers they distribute to.

      I doubt Xinxii can do any better with Google Play.

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