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Top Ten Most Common Short Story Names

23 April 2015

From editor and fantasy/scifi publisher Neil Clarke:

I just noticed that we crossed the 50,000 point in our submissions system sometime in the last month. I thought it might be fun to do a quick analysis of the most popular story titles in that pile. Here’s the results:

1st Place – 18

2nd Place – 16
The Gift, Home, Hunger, Homecoming

3rd Place – 15
The Box

4th Place – 14

Link to the rest at Neil Clarke and thanks to Dan for the tip.

PG wonders what the same list would look like for a romance publisher.


17 Comments to “Top Ten Most Common Short Story Names”

  1. I’m definitely going to write a short called “The Dusty Monster Box.”

  2. The Hunger of the Dusty Monster Box.

  3. The Hunger of the Dusty Monster Box Part 2: The Homecoming.

  4. Goody! So ‘Folly’ will stand out! 😉

  5. Romance title?

    The fill-in-the-blank’s Baby.

    Right now I suggest Billionaire. An adjective is always helpful to round things out.

    Cowboy would be the runner-up.

  6. The homecoming gift of the dusty box monster.

  7. I wrote a story called “Monsters” that’s making the rounds…

    Oh, the shame… reduced to a statistic.

  8. HAHAHAHAHA! Love the comments. ❤️

  9. Did anyone tell Hugh Howey?

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