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12 Book Marketing Tips from 12 Industry Experts

22 May 2015

From Marketing for Writers:

2. Brand Your Name – Joanna Penn

One ingredient that paved the way for Joanna Penn’s success is changing her pen name to J.F. Penn for thrillers and other genres ruled by men. Using a man’s name for stirring books swept away misgivings she received as a woman sketching brutally depicted plots because initials are unbiased.

Since men tend to get better reviews, more lady authors are changing their pen names to get the same view. One famed example is James Chartrand ofCopyblogger and Men With Pens, who recently came out as a woman and revealed how writing as a man reshaped her business. In Joanna’s article about name branding, she explained, “I don’t want any consideration of my gender to come up when someone reads my books. I want them to have a great fun read and escape the world for a time.”

. . . .

7. Get Creative in Social Media Posts – Shelley Hitz

Instead of blasting point-blank sales pitches, Shelly Hitz encourages you to explore the avenues of the social media marketing game and get creative with your posts.  Watch out for the ones that draw the most likes and comments. If you’ll look closely, such posts garner attention through  depth of engagement.

So how can you get creative with your posts? Here’s what Shelly Hitz did:

  1. Ask an engaging questions. You could share a little about your upcoming book and ask their opinion.
  2. You could also ask for feedback on book covers.
  3. Post about a sale, a giveaway or an informative blog post you have written.
  4. Share a snippet from one of your reviews instead of tooting your own horn.
  5. Share a snippet or the first chapter of your book.
  6. Share about a significant milestone in your career as an author.

Link to the rest at Marketing for Writers and thanks to HN for the tip.


21 Comments to “12 Book Marketing Tips from 12 Industry Experts”

  1. Lots of good tips, but I had to giggle a little over No. 2. The pseudonym that I use for romance is a man’s name. It’s actually attracted more readers because of the unconventional aspect. 🙂

    • For erotica it’s Hefty Beason. First pet and street I grew up on.

      I nearly went with Max Fun as my pen name but figured it’s too spot on. Now it’s just my writing motto.

  2. “Lady authors”? Are we supposed to type with gloves on or something?

    Anyone who doesn’t want to read my work because of my gender probably isn’t in my target audience anyway.

  3. Stephen Gradijan

    I liked marketing tip number 11….

  4. I get the feeling that English is not the article writer’s first language. But! PG, you have a great smile!

  5. I could call myself George Matthews but my books are mostly 1st person from the heroine’s viewpoint so wouldn’t that be a bit weird?

  6. I will use marketing tip of #11 for my business, I was not expecting to find such a tip from passive voice.

  7. I know the logic behind using a male or neutral pen name, but it just makes me cringe. Surely we’re better off addressing that inequality and perception, not pandering to it?

    (Edit to add: I don’t mean better off financially. I know the answer to that. I mean societally we’d be far better off trying to get rid of this ridiculous notion that your gender has any bearing on your ability to do anything).

  8. Hey good lookin’ PG you don’t have fangs after all.

  9. In 7. Get Creative in Social Media Posts – Shelley Hitz, her name is given as ‘Shelley Hitz’ in the title but twice in the text her name is given as ‘Shelly Hitz’; that is ‘Shelley’ vice ‘Shelly’.

    The evidence is that the correct version of her name is Shelley Hitz.

    Shelly Hitz has two Twitter accounts: @ShellyHitz and @HitzShelly. The first was last active 17 Jan 2012. The second has never been active. Shelly Hitz’s Facebook timeline’s last post was October 30, 2014.

    Shelley Hitz has two Twitter accounts — @shelleyhitz and @womenandporn — and a Facebook account. All three have been active today.

  10. Wait…was PG’s advice essentially, “Visit my website”?

    That’s some fine marketing PG. 🙂

  11. All good tips. I devour everything I can from Nick Stephenson and, of course, PG. Yet I’m amazed at how many indie authors still play by the old rules: publish and pray. I try to visit a couple of indie websites per day and I rarely see any kind of marketing. In my not so humble opinion, the gold rush will remain over for those unwilling to educate themselves on good marketing and stick with a plan. By the way, my free book isn’t up yet. Number 2 publishes next month. It’ll be up then.

  12. Wait! They didn’t interview Shatzkin!!??

    The nerve…

    Take care.

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