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Disney Folds Publishing into New Interactive Media Division

30 June 2015

From Digital Book World:

The Walt Disney Company combines the division that houses its children’s publishing business with its interactive media division, in a move the company frames as a reaction to “changing consumer preferences” in a tech-driven market.

. . . .

The new structure is designed to share technological expertise and maximize opportunities and efficiencies across two divisions that have increasingly become focused on similar objectives of delivering cutting-edge, interactive consumer experiences and products. In addition, the change will more effectively leverage Disney’s extensive licensing structure and retail relationships across both segments.

“The timing of this announcement could not be better, with both divisions seeing great success in the marketplace with technology-driven initiatives alongside our more traditional lines of business,” said Leslie Ferraro, Co-Chair, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, and President, Disney Consumer Products.

Link to the rest at Digital Book World

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3 Comments to “Disney Folds Publishing into New Interactive Media Division”

  1. Folded it into Interactive Media? What kind of a Mickey Mouse company is this?? Oh, wait…

  2. Makes perfect sense.
    They already got rid of Hyperion and the remaining publishing is strictly derived from their IPs.

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