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31 July 2015

Mrs. PG has just released a new book.

Since this book is about a more serious time in history than (to PG’s undoubtedly uninformed knowledge) the Regency period in England, he will defer his usual summary style until Mrs. PG’s next Regency appears.

Defiance is the third book in a 20th Century family saga/historical romance.


Book 1 – The Last Waltz – is set in Vienna and Berlin, during the period from before World War I through the war and into the difficult post-war period for Austria. It follows Amalia Faulhaber from her teens through marriage, nursing in a military hospital, motherhood, the tangled political intrigues of Austria after World War I and the invasion of Austria by Hitler’s Germany.

Exile Cover - ebook

Book 2 – Exile – is set in Switzerland and England as Amalia, her children and a couple of old friends dodge the pursuing German SS to carry a message to Winston Churchill about Hitler’s real plans for Europe. She discovers many in England who believe Hitler and fascism are an antidote to a general decline of morality and character among the British. Still devastated by the losses of World War I, most of England wants to believe Hitler can be placated with a bit more room for Germany to settle its growing population. Churchill is a lone voice in the political wilderness, warning of the dangers the Nazis present.


Just released Book 3 – Defiance – adds the perspectives of Amalia’s two sons, a pilot in the RAF and an MI5 agent tracking Nazi spies and their supporters in England. Amalia and her family are deeply involved with the politically ascending Winston Churchill, the desperate Dunkirk evacuation of the British Army from France and the Battle of Britain, where a small band of outnumbered British airmen fought the mighty Luftwaffe alone.

Mrs. PG studied in Vienna as an undergraduate and focused on Eastern European history and politics in graduate school. In preparation for Defiance, she reread a great many histories, including those written by Winston Churchill covering the interwar period.

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18 Comments to “Defiance”

  1. Yay, Mrs. PG!
    Just started reading the last one, I need to read faster.

  2. Hooray for Mrs. PG!

  3. Patricia Sierra

    The covers are lovely.

  4. Yay! New read from Mrs. PG!

  5. Best of luck to Mrs. PG!

  6. Grats Mrs. PG! 😀

  7. RealityObserver

    I am definitely not a romance reader, in the main (a couple of SF ones really don’t count).

    But – excellent blurbs! These have joined my list.

  8. Congrats!

  9. Wishing Mrs. PG many, many sales. The covers this time are spot-on. Very nicely done.

  10. Phyllis Humphrey

    Congratulations to Mrs. P.G. on three new books. The covers and blurbs are intruiging and I have historical writer friends who will love the stories.

  11. Love the airplanes on DEFIANCE. They are the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, a Spitfire, a Hurricane, and a Lancaster bomber. I have watched them fly. It’s always a heart stopping moment, for me, anyway.

  12. Congrats to Mrs. PG!

  13. Congratulations, Mrs. PG! 🙂

  14. Congrats! I’ve just starting reading Regency romances (Heyer) and they’re the first romance books I’ve really enjoyed. So I look forward to trying Mrs. P.G.’s books in the future.

  15. Congrats! I know how much fun it can be to weave a story through history in a way that makes sense.

    (Though I cheated, as my weaving was through a sci-fi universe — far fewer tripping stones and plot holes to worry about. 😉 )

    While not my cup of tea, I hope it does well.

  16. Thanks for all the kind words about Mrs. PG’s books.

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