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50% off from Kobo

30 August 2015

From Kobo:

Attention all Kobo Writing Life authors!

We’re proud to announce that we’ll be supporting a special end-of-summer clearance sale on all titles published through KWL—a 50% discount for your readers, on us. This sale won’t cost you anything and will not be taken out of your royalties.

This special sale will start Friday, August 28th and ends on Monday, August 31st and will be valid in Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and South Africa.

Customers will be able to redeem 50% off of any title published by KWL using the promo code SALE50 an unlimited number of times starting this Friday—so please, let your readers and fans know about this incredible opportunity to stack up on eBooks while they can!

Link to the rest at Kobo and thanks to Timothy for the tip.


20 Comments to “50% off from Kobo”

  1. This may be old news to everyone, but I will post anyway in case anyone doesn’t know. I recently delisted a book on Kobo to put it in KDP select. Before I could delist the book, though, Kobo presented me with a radio button questionnaire asking why I was delisting the book, including the selection that I was intending to enroll in KDP select. I’m not sure what they will do with this data, but it is interesting they are collecting it.

    • Yes, that is VERY interesting.
      All kinds of speculations are running thru my tiny little brain.

      In related news, I expect a letter from the Authors Guild condemning Kobo for devaluing our precious books with their predatory pricing.

    • Just like the cable companies ask ‘why’ when you request a disconnect, if enough give the same answer then the company may want to change its ways before everyone leaves.

      This 50% off is just an attempt to slow the number of writers saying ‘to heck with this’ and leaving, much as Dish did my mom when she dropped them. They’d only drop her bill from $170 to $150 a month when she told them where they could stuff it — but now that she made good her promise and quit they’re begging her to come back for a mere $30 a month (they never add the box(s) fee — it’s a ‘surprise’! 😉 )

      • I understand the intent, I am more curious to know what changes they may implement to keep suppliers. The sale is at least an effort to gin up sales, which is really all that matters.

    • Oh, one interesting tidbit about the questionnaire I forgot to say earlier is that kobo wanted to know whether the option to go KDP select was temporary or permanent.

      • I checked both when I left Kobo last week because I honestly don’t know if KDPS will be permanent or temporary. Maybe if they gave me a reason to come back I might reconsider. 🙂

    • Has Kobo distributed your book to Easons or FNAC? You may have to wait a long time for them to delist…
      I’m considering going back to B&N and Apple after my next three month hitch at kindle select, but Kobo is a very sticky vendor when you consider their downstream partners. I may not relist with them.

  2. I’m sorry for the 17 people world-wide who seem to be interested in buying my books each month from Kobo but I’m better off giving them the books and concentrating on Amazon where people actually go to buy books.

  3. I’m expecting a 0% uptick in sales because of this gimmick, but thanks anyways!

  4. What’s Kobo?


  5. Actually, this promo has been wonderful, I’ve probably tripled my sales or better each and every day (and I’m taking hundreds of units moved, not a handful).

    So maybe Kobo’s actually trying, I like to give credit where credit’s due rather than simply jumping on the typical indie code word banter that passes for critical thought these days…

  6. Too bad. I left them and B&N this past week. (Although at least I was getting a few sales per yer with Kobo. B&N? Nada.)

  7. We left Kobo a while back, when sales became too low to be worth not being in KU. It’s nice that they are trying, though, not nice enough to lure us back.

  8. How do you have a “clearance sale” of digital titles?

  9. Ahh! I’ve actually had a big uptick in sales (3x the usual, and I sell moderately well there already), and I was wondering what was up. That’s cool. 🙂

  10. I managed to find about 20 books I didn’t have already (that I wanted), it was a good deal.

  11. So is Kobo selling books at a loss (“devaluing” them)?

    or is Kobo paying so little that they can cut the retail price in half without loosing money?

    Authors United, where are you?


  12. Are any of you who left Kobo using Draft2Digital as your distributor?

    I’m asking because, since I switched from Smashwords, my sales have been better at Kobo, B&N, Apple, and Scribd. Granted, that’s not saying a lot- we’re talking the odd sale at all of them each year via Smashwords to a handful or few dozen per month via D2D.

    Another author who wasn’t seeing any sales using Smashwords switched to D2D 2-3 months ago on my recommendation, and almost immediately began seeing sales.

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