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World’s first braille smartwatch is an ebook reader and more

4 August 2015

From Engadget:

On the surface, Dot sounds like a fairly standard smartwatch: It resembles a Fitbit and features a messaging system, navigation functions, Bluetooth 4.0, an alarm and, of course, a timepiece. Dot is remarkable because it’s a braille smartwatch — the world’s first braille smartwatch, in fact. Its face features a series of dull pins that rise and fall at customizable speeds, spelling out words in braille as the user places a finger on top. With this system, Dot allows users to read ebooks without throwing down thousands of dollars for a portable braille reader. The watch should hit the market for less than $300, with pre-orders staring this year. Plus, Dot has an active battery life of 10 hours, according to inhabitat, so get ready for some serious reading time.

. . . .

“90 percent of blind people become blind after birth, and there’s nothing for them right now — they lose their access to information so suddenly,” Dot co-founder and CEO Eric Ju Yoon Kim tells Tech in Asia. “Dot can be their lifeline, so they can learn Braille and access everyday information through their fingers, which is the goal of Braille literacy.”

Link to the rest at Engadget and thanks to Nirmala for the tip.

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4 Comments to “World’s first braille smartwatch is an ebook reader and more”

  1. Yet another toy that will run rings around paper for portability!

    (and it should be as easy as a .txt file to configure a book …)

  2. Wait a minute … you mean if I can learn to read Braille, then I can carry a legible library in my watch? I’m 20/20, but this sounds cool.

  3. This could have true impact and can change lives at the global scale. Someone should get in contact with Geordie la Forge and get Reading Rainbow on board. An alliance between the smartwatch company and Reading Rainbow to get these for kids would be an amazing thing to see…

    • Wait, if Geordie and Reading Rainbow are in on the deal – why not include a tie-in with the people at Goodie, who can provide metallic banana clips to use as eyewear?

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