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Clicks Defeat Bricks During U.S. Retailers’ Black Friday Weekend

30 November 2015

From Bloomberg Business:

Online shoppers outnumbered their brick-and-mortar counterparts during U.S. retailers’ pivotal Black Friday weekend, underscoring the challenges facing American malls this holiday season.

More than 103 million people shopped online over the four-day weekend, which started Thursday on Thanksgiving, according to an annual survey commissioned by the National Retail Federation. That compares with fewer than 102 million who ventured into traditional stores, the trade group said.

The growth of e-commerce — including people using their smartphones to buy gifts — helped boost the total number of U.S. shoppers to more than 151 million over the weekend. That figure, which accounts for the overlap between online and offline buyers, topped the 136 million that the trade group had predicted. Other factors, including an earlier rollout of holiday promotions, also are changing consumers’ behavior, NRF President Matthew Shay said in a statement.

. . . .

The ritual of Black Friday — the post-Thanksgiving day that has long marked the beginning of the holiday season — also has changed. Frenzied consumers still line up in front of stores to take advantage of deals on toys and televisions, but crowds were smaller at many U.S. malls Friday. The event is also seen as an opportunity for window shopping, rather than spending.

At an Apple store in Greensboro, North Carolina, David Saltzman was browsing for a new iPad. He wasn’t planning to buy the device just yet. The 62-year-old, who works in marketing and communications, was just enjoying the day.

“It’s really nice outside,” he said.

. . . .

As more shopping shifts to the Web, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Target Corp. and other traditional retailers are doing their best to ward off the e-commerce king: Amazon.com Inc. Target plans to offer free shipping on online orders this holiday season for the second year in a row. Wal-Mart, meanwhile, is encouraging e-commerce shoppers to take advantage of in-store pickup, an attempt to leverage its more than 4,600 U.S. locations.

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2 Comments to “Clicks Defeat Bricks During U.S. Retailers’ Black Friday Weekend”

  1. “The event is also seen as an opportunity for window shopping, rather than spending.”

    Is not what the B&M stores wanted to hear …

    Now if only we could get a tally of how much $ traded hands … 😉

  2. Not even the gimmicks worked. Barnes and Noble had an event where they had special edition books in store only for black friday that they made certain to point out they would not offer them online.

    I made sure to buy a book from Amazon….

    If someone wants to drive me AWAY from something, all they have to do is either overhype it or advertise how they are limiting selection and encourage me to rush in and get it NOW!!!

    No thanks. I might look like a hamster (I’m pretty hairy) but I don’t do the wheel.

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