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Nottingham is a UNESCO City of Literature

17 December 2015

From the West Bridgford Wire:

UNESCO has awarded Nottingham with the status of City of Literature.

This accolade was the result of a bid process that was initiated approximately two years ago.

Nottingham joins eleven other UNESCO Cities of Literature across the globe: Edinburgh, Melbourne, Iowa City, Dublin, Reyjavik, Norwich, Krakow, Heidelburg, Granada, Prague and Dunedin.

Nottingham, the home of DH Lawrence, Lord Byron and Alan Sillitoe, was awarded the title based on the city’s literary heritage, its diverse writing community and its commitment to improving literacy across the city.

Link to the rest at West Bridgford Wire and thanks to J.A. for the tip.

Iowa City is, of course, the home of the University of Iowa Writers Workshop and certainly deserves recognition, but PG would add some other US cities to the list.

For example, San Francisco claims Philip K. Dick, Dashiell Hammett, Erle Stanley Gardner, Jack Kerouac, Jack London, John Muir, Mark Twain, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Ursula K. Le Guin and Amy Tan . Plus Charles Schulz (Peanuts) and Scott Adams (Dilbert). Few people know that Robert Frost was born in San Francisco.


5 Comments to “Nottingham is a UNESCO City of Literature”

  1. Likewise Chicago. It has too many to name.

    • Not to mention the sheer number of bookstores. When I lived there in the early oughts they seemed to have them on every other block. Walk on Wabash and here’s a bookstore. Next block no bookstore, but if you go around the corner to either State Street or Michigan Ave there would be a bookstore. It was as if they were alternating. Coming from a small town with no bookstores at all this was amazing.

  2. UNESCO Cit[y] of Literature . . . Reyjavik (sic, Reykjavik)

    Really? And not Paris?

  3. I mean, one has to consider New York City! But there are more (that must be an outdated list). Wikipedia adds these cities, which may be brand new this year along with Nottingham:

    Baghdad, Iraq (2015)
    Barcelona, Catalonia (2015)
    Ljubljana, Slovenia (2015)
    Lviv, Ukraine (2015)
    Montevideo, Uruguay (2015)
    Nottingham, England (2015)
    Óbidos, Portugal (2015)
    Tartu, Estonia (2015)
    Ulyanovsk, Russia (2015)

  4. That should be “Heidelberg”, not Heidelburg. *sigh*

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