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Star Wars Opening Weekend

19 December 2015

4 Comments to “Star Wars Opening Weekend”

  1. Over one hundred million dollars on the FIRST DAY … the Force is strong with this one. 😀

  2. It was beyond cool. We were in a museum theatre with small audience with starwar authors, fan-atticks, and a long Q and A.

    There were amazing moments in the film. And I wont spoil, but a point that made men in the audience cry. Seriously.

    It is a beautiful, romantic, horrible hideous, true view of so much in human nature and in ‘alien natures’ too. And deep into the ancient myths and mid twenty centuries reichstags and stalin and mao ideations.

  3. I went, I saw. It was awesome. I only had one niggle with it, and that came down to “But I thought hyperspace still took time? Faster yes, but it still took time! Hello, instantaneous transport and fluid distances!” Other than that, I CANNOT wait for the next one!

    • “CANNOT wait…” me too! R Coots. I wish all of us here could watch it together and laugh and cry together. There were a lot of young children at the film, and it was so wonderful to hear their cries and clappings, and screeches, and oh no’s , and ‘watch out, watch out’. Everyone seriously applauded at the end as the filmcredits were rolling. H, they applauded too when the film was just beginning, kids and adults alike. It was beyond refreshing.

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