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Ten Things I Learned About Publishing in 2015

30 December 2015

From author Elizabeth Hunter:

1. This business moves too fast for anyone to predict.

This is why I don’t predict. I only tell you a few things I’ve learned this year. You can find my posts from 2011, 2012, and 2013 at the links. (I didn’t do 2014, long story.)

A lot of people consider me an early self-publisher, and I only started doing this in 2011. That’s four years ago, guys! I’m a baby at this. And yet… I’m not. Things that are common knowledge for me are still new for authors who spent all or most of their time under the traditional system. So I know a lot, but I’m still learning, too. And you have to keep learning. Nothing is static in publishing anymore. Advice that was written in stone two years ago is inapplicable today. Keep on your toes. Keep learning. At the same time…

2. My goals haven’t changed much.

In 2012 I wrote a post about writing goals I called “Moving Toward the Mountain” about setting goals and following them, including some advice from the excellent Neil Gaiman. In that post, I identified four main goals for my writing career:

  • I want to tell stories.
  • I want to write better every day.
  • I want to be able to pay my rent and buy groceries.
  • I don’t want to be bored.

Surprisingly, these goals from three years ago haven’t changed much, so I focus on these things and let the other stuff be a bonus. Make a list? Eh. Grow my mailing list to ___? Eh. Hit number one in this category or that category? Eh. All that is bonus stuff. The fundamentals that I mentioned above? Those are still what I work for. (I just traded a mortgage for rent.)

. . . .

5. Comparisons are the devil.

Please remember these two things:

There will always be someone who sells more than you.
There will always be someone sells less than you.

Full stop.

Link to the rest at Elizabeth Hunter and thanks to Nicci for the tip.

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