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A really good detective

20 January 2016

A really good detective never gets married.

Raymond Chandler


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  1. In real life?

  2. //In real life?//


    My experience, now perhaps out of date somewhat, I’d say getting married to a detective takes a lot of faith, hope and belief in yer man. The hours are long and unrelenting and from my own observations there is a lot of temptation which many find unable to avoid.

    Apart from some time undercover, I spent most of my work in uniform-(A woodentop,) and I found the times I worked closely with the detective branch not overly to my taste.

    Just one man’s observation.


  3. He he uses his little grey cells To avoid getting sent through the divorce courts.

  4. “A really good detective never gets married …”

    Because he looked and knows of all the baggage that’s included for getting too close …

  5. Oh boy! Raymond Chandler! Thank you PG.

  6. Tell that to Nick Charles.

  7. Just in case their self-talk becomes audible.

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