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Absolute power

17 January 2016

Absolute power does not corrupt absolutely, absolute power attracts the corruptible.

Frank Herbert


10 Comments to “Absolute power”

  1. And sometimes one finds themselves with power they neither wanted nor know what to do with — but they must now weld it the best that they are able.

  2. Contrary to Lord Acton’s dictum, power does not corrupt. What corrupts is immunity from the consequences of one’s acts.

  3. …and some go to great lengths to try to avoid even what little accountability the law mandates.

  4. Powerless corrupts. Absolute powerlessness corrupts absolutely.

  5. I homeschool my oldest child and found the perfect T-shirt at a book convention. It said:

    Knowledge is power
    Power corrupts
    Study hard
    Be evil

    My kid says it inspires her when she’s frustrated with Algebra. 🙂

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