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Accountant by day, writer by night

28 January 2016

From the Worthington (Minnesota) Daily Globe:

Lisa Saner of rural Slayton has occasionally wondered what her life would have been like if she had pursued writing in college instead of working with numbers.

An accounting technician with the Murray County Highway Department, Saner once considered journalism, but quickly decided writing the truth was far less exciting than embellishing a tale through plot twists and character development.

“Real life is just too …. I get enough of that in a day. I want to make up things,” Saner said with a laugh.

On the heels of her third self-published book, Saner is now taking a break from her creative outlet, waiting for inspiration to strike. Her next project may be a continuation of the tale she’s weaved through her first three novels, “Mistress of Serenity,” “Masters of Destiny” and “Shadow of Deception” — or it may be something entirely different.

“I would love to just do something totally different, but I’m afraid some of my biggest fans (among them the ladies from church) would be disappointed,” Saner shared. “I like crime stories. I don’t know if I can write them, though.

. . . .

She first began writing when her kids were young, filling up notebooks with her fictitious story of rock superstar Brandon Vant, whose drug abuse and scandal sent his ambitious career spiraling to the bottom. After overcoming addiction, he became a successful record producer and multi-millionaire, but felt a nagging call to return to the stage. In his search for a new voice to add to his band, Brandon discovers Jesselynn Wyatt, the daughter of Wyoming ranchers who dreams of performing despite working in a 9-to-5 job as an adult. She participates in local theatre and fills in for nightclub musicians — far from fulfilling her dream of fame.

. . . .

“I would always have notebooks around and write and write,” said Saner, whose writing time in those early years was after her kids went to bed — typically from 8 o’clock at night to 2 o’clock in the morning.

“I can’t do that anymore,” she said with a laugh.

Her third book was written entirely on the computer, and the experience has her looking back to pen and paper for her next book.

“I think when I was on the computer all day (at work), I didn’t want to be on the computer at night — it felt too much like work,” she said. “I think writing by hand, I have more creativity.”

. . . .

“Some writers talk about going to sit in their favorite café and write and I can’t have noise around me,” she said. “You can’t just sit down and be instantly into it.

“I took a day off of work and (the urge to write was) not there, so I’m just going to clean the house,” she added with a laugh.

. . . .

Saner’s books are available at all libraries affiliated with the Plum Creek Library System, or may be purchased online through amazon.com. Her first book is available in ereader format, and all three can be purchased as paperbacks.

The author hosted successful book signings in Slayton when her first two books were published, and plans to have a book signing sometime this year with her third novel.

“I sign my name on my timecard every week and nobody gets excited about it,” she said with a laugh.

Link to the rest at the Worthington Daily Globe


4 Comments to “Accountant by day, writer by night”

  1. Writing’s nothing to be ashamed of, just be sure to wash your hands afterwards …

    (saw it as a QotD years ago ..)

  2. This is a local interest piece on an area resident. I realize it’s not about publishing, or even writing, but I was puzzled by the business plan.

    Saner’s Publisher is listed as CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, so it is self-published. After preparing the files for CreateSpace it is one small additional step to prepare an ebook version. She doesn’t seem adverse to the idea of ebooks as the article says her fist title is available in ereader format (but I couldn’t find it). Why not a Kindle version?

    The premium pricing on the paperbacks also confused me until I ran the numbers through the CreateSpace royalty calculator. I suspect Saner opted for the extended distribution option which forces a premium price to cover the extra 20% cut to the distributor.

    I think Ms Saner’s goal is to have her books in print. CreateSpace is a cost-effective method of printing very small numbers of books. It seems from the article that she is having great fun having her stories in print and being able to share them with her friends and local community. All power to her.

    I’m glad she self-published and didn’t get caught by a scammer.

  3. “Accountant by day, writer by night.”

    That’s how Larry Correia did it, until he quit his accounting job…

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