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Amazon Echo can read your Kindle books aloud on request

17 January 2016

From Engadget:

You don’t even need to lift a finger when you’re done playing Jeopardy! on Amazon Echo and want to relax with a book. Simply say “Alexa, read [Kindle book title],” and the voice assistant will start narrating almost anything you purchased from the Kindle Store, borrowed from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library/Kindle Unlimited or got access to through Family Library. Based on the commands Amazon listed, you can tell Alexa to pause, resume from where you stopped and skip chapters.

. . . .

That said, you obviously can’t expect the narration’s quality to be on par with a professional voice actor’s reading for Audible. Want a taste of what it will sound like? Ask Alexa to read a Wikipedia or a news article for you: it uses the same text-to-speech technology for all these tasks.

Link to the rest at Engadget and thanks to Joshua for the tip.

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3 Comments to “Amazon Echo can read your Kindle books aloud on request”

  1. My bold prediction is that in a few decades or three software and hardware will be advanced enough that it will be able to generate video from textual stories.

  2. A good reason for me to look into an Echo. I’m visually impaired and I use text to speech every day. Can’t get my kindle desktop or phone app to work with it so I’ve been making an extra epub copy of every amazon ebook I buy.

    • I listened to a couple of books on my Amazon Echo, and it worked just fine. The robotic voice isn’t as good as a professional reader,of course, but it does pretty well. For a visually impaired person, the great thing would be the use of verbal commands.

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