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Amazon Prime’s US membership grew 35% to 54 million in 2015

27 January 2016

From GeekWire:

Amazon’s sales pitch to consumers about the benefits of the company’s Prime program continues to resonate, research suggests.

In a report released Monday, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) estimated Prime members in the United States ended 2015 numbering about 54 million, up 35 percent from the same period in 2014. CIRP also said its research shows that 47 percent of Amazon’s customers are Prime members. The web’s biggest retailer doesn’t publicly disclose these figures so estimates are all we have.


Increasing the number of Prime members is a big deal for the retailer. Members spend more on average, about $1,100 per year compared to the $600 per year for non-members, CIRP said its report. Prime members also tend to be more loyal, and Amazon retains approximately 95 percent of them after one year, CIRP said in July.

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18 Comments to “Amazon Prime’s US membership grew 35% to 54 million in 2015”

  1. Wait, you mean even with all the members of the AG/AU/ABA/pig5 dropping their Amazon Prime memberships Amazon still gained 35% more? Wow.

    Wait-ah-minute, what do you mean they didn’t drop their memberships after all the anti-Amazon crap they’ve been spouting?

    • Thanks to these heroes and their crusade against Amazon, I have begun to hate them with the same furious passion.

      So much, in fact, that I went and purchased a yearly Prime membership for my daughter. HAHAHAHA, stupid Amazon, now they’ll have to dole out free shipping, videos, and music to one more person hahahaha. Suckers.

  2. One aspect of Prime that gets under-reported is the increasing strength of Prime Video. When Amazon raised the price of Prime, Netflix promptly raised theirs too. A pretty clear indication that they see Prime as a serious competitor. Which the ever-increasing slate of quality exclusive content (with the awards to back them) makes abundantly clear.

    (Amazon Studios just signed up the top-rated movie at the Sundance Film Festival to go along with Spike Lee’s CHIRAQ and two other movies as part of their plan to release a dozen exclusive movies a year. One per month.)

    So, essentially, what we’re seeing is Prime slowly evolving from a customer rewards program–“sign up for free shipping and get digital bonuses!”–to a digital content service where the free shipping is the frosting and the exclusive series and shows are the cake.

    With Walmart and others looking to do their own shipping subscriptions, the timing of this shift is looking almost prescient. Makes you wonder if Bezos has a precog on staff. 🙂

    • Don’t forget Prime Music, which, although it has a smaller catalog, suits the needs of many and is steadily and quietly gaining fans, especially when used with the Echo.

      • Prime Music is my main use for Echo. There are others but with such great speakers plus a great “free” selection, this is top of the list.

    • I read that the streaming companies were the biggest buyers of films at Sundance and the big studios were definitely a distant second. First time this has happened, I believe.

    • …to a digital content service where the free shipping is the frosting and the exclusive series and shows are the cake.

      ^This. Most of the TV my daughter watches is on Prime, and the reason we subscribed to Prime originally was that we were cancelling cable. Of course, we are now addicted to 2-day shipping! 😀 And, as a result, we buy more from Amazon than before.

      • I recently dropped cable since pretty much all I watched was on Hulu, Netflix, or MLB TV (during sports season).

        I’d watch more Prime if they did more genre shows but they pretty obviously have a very specific demographic in mind for their exclusives. And SF&F isn’t the best fit for that demographic.

        A pity, really, because Greg Berlanti has more great superhero projects at hand than the CW or CBS can/will run. 4-8M guaranteed viewers per show and no venues to run them. VIXEN in particular would soar. 🙂

    • Unfortunately, Canadians don’t get prime video with their subscription. Not sure if this is an Amazon decision or just our own meddling government.
      Either way, there’s not enough value to the subscription for us. At least for now.

      • Does Netflix do anything different up there, content-wise?

        • Yeah, they give us less titles.
          Toyota charges us more for cars built in Canada, even for shipping. You can follow the truck from the plant in Ontario all the way to Alaska and buy the dang thing cheaper (and the freight charge will be lower too).
          So, yeah, we’ve got that going for us 😉

    • I saw Manchester By the Sea was bought by Amazon. Can’t wait to see it! I wonder how that will work. I know it has to got to at least a few theaters if they want Oscar consideration (and I’m pretty sure Amazon would and the movie had great buzz at Sundance), but would it then just be available all the time on Prime?

      • Apparently.
        We’ll know for sure in a week or two when Chiraq is supposed to hit Prime.
        Indie movies tend to play the art house circuit so it’s more than just a few theaters but the total number of screens is in the hundreds rather than thousands. The movies tend to be labors of love so getting the movies before tens of millions of viewers is going to be very satisfying for the creators. (And the checks won’t hurt any, either.)

        There is a whole new movie and TV industry being born right before our eyes. Welcome to the 21st century, folks. The flying cars are a bit behind schedule but otherwise the techies are delivering.

  3. They were shut out last year but since each had a theatrical release last year, they’ve been welcomed this year.

  4. I don’t understand. Preston and Russo said Amazon was failing and the public was turning against them. Can someone please explain to me how The Men Who Know Everything could possibly be wrong? How could Amazon grow by 35% when Preston insists it can’t be so?


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