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Amazon to close down Shelfari

21 January 2016

From TeleRead:

In 2007, we wrote about book discussion hub Shelfari when it first launched. In 2008, we covered its sale to Amazon. The service has apparently come full circle now, as Good EReader reports Amazon will be closing Shelfari down and merging its content with GoodReads.

Good EReader’s Michael Kozlowski puts Shelfari’s failure down to launching too early, before e-books became really popular, and never following up e-books’ popularity with a better user interface or mobile apps. This enabled GoodReads to steal its thunder when it launched at the height of the e-book era.

Shelfari members are unhappy about this move, as Amazon is only giving them two months to migrate all their data over to GoodReads and they don’t feel that’s enough time to shift as much as 9 years’ worth of content.

Link to the rest at TeleRead and thanks to Sariah for the tip.


4 Comments to “Amazon to close down Shelfari”

  1. There’s an automated process to move it over? My reviews were already in both places, so I could just delete mine. Strange.


  2. I wouldn’t count on the automated transfer–lots of shrieks in the GR Feedback Group on how poorly that’s working out.

  3. I admit I haven’t done anything on Shelfari in awhile. I stopped doing much on any site but I far preferred Shelfari to Goodreads. I had a ton of books on my Shelfari page and while I do have a tiny bit of my library on Goodreads now, I dislike the site so much I don’t visit it very often.

  4. I didn’t realize Shelfari still existed. I haven’t been there for about three years, and haven’t seen it mentioned in that time.

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