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Another Change to Comments

16 January 2016

PG has added a plugin that should expand your comment options, including permitting you to subscribe to comments to a post without making a comment yourself.

Please report any problems that arise.

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8 Comments to “Another Change to Comments”

  1. I didn’t get a confirmation to follow.

    If someone else will comment I’ll report if I see it.

  2. Here’s your comment, Allen.

  3. thanks PG, appreciate all your efforts to make things better/ best.

  4. I’m getting two emails per post, one looking the new way and one looking the old way (which I prefer by far).

    • I have no preference for the old or new style of email, but it was a bit surprising to get both – trying again with slightly different options to verify…

      • One more test…

        ETA- It looks like the combo box and the checkbox notifications are working independently – the checkbox is setting up subscriptions in my wordpress control panel (with the new style of email), the combo box is setting up subscriptions in your site (with the old style of email). Workaround is to only select one or the other.

  5. I notice PG that when I click on comments, it highlights the screen name suddenly, and if youre not careful, one’s typing starts going in the the ‘Name’ box instead of what used to be the default, straight into the text box. Is that new?

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