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In Germany, Exchange Your Unwanted Xmas Presents for Books!

3 January 2016

From Publishing Perspectives:

Ah, to be in Germany post Christmas. If you were there, and received Christmas presents that weren’t quite what you were hoping for … all you had to do was find specially set-up vending machines, and you were then able to exchange your unwanted presents (that hideous sweater, that unwanted coffee mug) for BRAND NEW BOOKS!

As reported by The Bookseller, the project was started by the German publisher Bastei Lübbeand German bookseller Hugendubel. The machines were set up outside of Hugendubel bookstores throughout Germany: the first one was installed in Munich, with new installations to follow in Ingolstadt and Nuremberg.

Bastei Lübbe supplied the books for the program, selecting the seven books that were stocked in the vending machines. Authors included Ethan Cross, as well as popular German historical fiction author Rebecca Gablé.

To make the project even better, the donated presents will go to local charities.

Link to the rest at Publishing Perspectives


2 Comments to “In Germany, Exchange Your Unwanted Xmas Presents for Books!”

  1. Now there’s a way to get rid of books that didn’t sell as well as hoped …

  2. Golly, I did the same thing here in the USA. I got a coat that was too big. It was from my Amazon wish list. Amazon happily took it back, but the coat wasn’t available in a smaller size. So I used my Amazon credit for books.

    And that was any book I wanted. I didn’t have to choose from a list of seven.

    tl;dr Amazon wish lists rock

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