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Jeff Bezos Gets Rave Reviews From Washington Post Veteran

21 January 2016

From The Huffington Post:

Elizabeth “Lally” Weymouth, a senior associate editor at The Washington Post whose family owned the paper for 80 years, told The Huffington Post that the new owner, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, is doing a “fantastic job.”

“I think the spirit and morale is really high at the Post,” Weymouth told Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

. . . .

But Bezos’ success extends beyond morale and the paper’s “beautiful” new offices. The Post recently edged out The New York Times in online traffic, a huge win for the historic runner-up to the Gray Lady.

“He’s using his knowledge of technology to help the paper,” Weymouth said, noting that the decision to hire more engineers has contributed to the paper’s growth in online readership.

. . . .

“He’s putting money into it,” Weymouth said. “He can afford it.”

Link to the rest at The Huffington Post and thanks to Tom for the tip.

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