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Littlehampton mother and daughter both now published authors

28 January 2016

From the Littlehampton Gazette:

A mother and daughter from Littlehampton have become published authors within three months of each other.

Carol Thomas, a former teacher, had her book Crazy Over You published through Matador in October.

Then eight-year-old Madison, a pupil at Lyminster Primary School, was a winner in the new Write Across Sussex short story competition, run in partnership with Chichester-based independent authors group Chindi.

She met popular author Kate Mosse, who lives in Fishbourne, at the prize-giving ceremony in Woodies Wine Bar, Chichester, on Saturday.

Carol said: “Madison was initially nervous but loved meeting Kate Mosse and receiving her copy of the Chindi Write Across Sussex book, complete with her story in it. She even got to do her first book signing, as she signed a copy for Kate Mosse, along with the nine other prize winners.”

. . . .

“I am hugely proud of Madison for writing her story. She spent several hours working on it and even asked her big sister, Amelia, to help her with improving some word choices – though Madison insisted on keeping her favourite line ‘butts are for sitting on’ in the story.”

. . . .

“In 2012, I was taking a break from teaching. I dug out a notebook I felt had potential to be made into a story and decided it was time to give it a go. I made a start and just kept going until in 2014, I decided it was a story I was proud of and wanted to share.”

Link to the rest at the Littlehampton Gazette

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3 Comments to “Littlehampton mother and daughter both now published authors”

  1. Matador is a reasonably regarded (brief internet search) ‘self-publishing’ arm of a small publisher.

    I’m sorry, but I don’t consider those companies which charge a fair amount for their publishing services to be self-publishing.

    ‘Assisted publishing’ would be better.

    When newbies are investigating the options, they need to at least KNOW that doing it yourself is possible, and not really that hard, especially if you have a few computer skills – such as being able to create a pdf from Word (not really that hard a skill level).

    Assisted publishing is going to cost them a lot of money.

    • I agree, Alicia, but I’m pleased the mother is happy with her book, at least for now.

      • I’m happy for her, and for our children’s librarian who finally paid to get her children’s book published, but from my conversation with the latter, the experience was expensive, non-productive, and she is NOT planning a second.

        That makes me mad. She’s a lovely person, and she has been taken – doing it right would have her loving the experience and anxious to try publishing the next book.

        The whole thing with our librarian leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I wouldn’t have reacted to this post if that hadn’t just happened when I visited our public library – to leave a copy of Pride’s Children which cost me the author price. I had to congratulate her, bite my tongue very hard, and get out of there.

        I hope the mother in Littlehampton is planning to repeat because her total experience was positive.

        Realistic expectations – and reading TPV daily for four years – should be a requirement.

        I’ve chatted with an educated man on GoodReads who has no plans to produce a second book – and it gives off the whiff of decay.

        Not that there aren’t plenty of writers with just one book in them – and not that expectations shouldn’t be low, especially for beginners in ANY field – but other comments on Matador I found online when searching turned up comments such as ‘it’s just a business for them; they aren’t interested in the books.’ [paraphrase]

        And I’m reminded of P.T. Barnum’s words.

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