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Minnesota Man Cited for Reading James Patterson While Driving

23 January 2016

From The Digital Reader:

Many smartphones and tablets can read ebooks aloud, but that’s not good enough for one Minnesota man.

Fox9 reports that a man was pulled over in Eagan, Minnesota this week for swerving and driving 15 miles below the speed limit. According to the dashcam footage, after an officer pulled him over and asked him what was going on, the man said that he was reading a James Patterson book on his tablet.

The man was given a ticket for reckless driving, which I think was unfair. Surely reading James Patterson was punishment enough.

“The nicest guy, obviously not the smartest thing to do while driving. Very dangerous. But he kind of got it, knew he made a mistake and the officer went back and ended up giving him a citation,” Officer Aaron Machtemes, spokesperson for Eagan Police, told Fox9 News.

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12 Comments to “Minnesota Man Cited for Reading James Patterson While Driving”

  1. When much younger (and dumber) I did that with a paperback (think it was ‘Blue Adapt’) country drive to my grandparents, no cops, no ‘near misses’. Read a line — look around — read a line …

    Times and tech may change, but not the silliness of humans …

  2. When I first saw this, the feed dropped ‘While Driving’ and I read only ‘Minnesota Man Cited for Reading James Patterson.’ Imagine my disappointment when I clicked through and found the story was not what I thought.

  3. Apparently he’s never heard of audiobooks.

  4. Sadly, state and local laws against reading James Patterson are not adequate to deal with the seriousness of the problem. I think this is really something that needs to be brought to the United Nations committee on human rights.

  5. Having driven through the MSP area quite frequently, I’m not surprised by this story at all. Those drivers are crazy.

    I was once the passenger on I-35W through Bloomington (near Eagan) with a driver who simultaneously checked a text on his phone and changed the radio station while going 70. He steered with his knees. I thought we were going to die, but he assured me we were fine; he did this sort of thing all the time.

    Maybe the driver in this story needs to learn how to multitask better?

  6. I knew a guy decades ago who mounted his Radio Shack gizmo on his steering wheel. It let him write — displaying one line of type at a time — while he drove. Knew another guy who regularly drove while reading books lying beside him on the bench car seat.

  7. Potentially death of oneself and manslaughter is an outcome of doing anything else other than driving. Children run out, pedestrians suddenly step off the median, animals cross the road without looking both ways, vans and trucks with families and the young and old drive the same roads. Yeah, it’s kinda funny for a moment, but death is forever. And being maimed or injuring others for life is tragic beyond tragic when it was avoidable.

    James Patterson –my 02 only– is a storyteller in the same mold as Coehlo, L’amour, Michner, and King, just different styles. They’ve all made a s load of money. Their ways and means get the stories out. A lot.

  8. What is the weather like on the east coast, anyway.

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