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New Comments Plugin

13 January 2016

SECOND UPDATE: I received some problem reports for plugin #2. I just installed plugin #3. Let me know how this one works.


UPDATE: I zapped the first comment plugin I tried and installed another. Let me know how you like this one.

PG received some reports that the Comments plugin he has been using for a long time was returning error messages under some circumstances.

He’s installed a new plugin to help manage Comments.

If you have any reactions, pro or con, to the new plugin, feel free to drop a comment here. If, for any reason, the Comments aren’t working for you, PG would appreciate a message sent via the Contact page.

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26 Comments to “New Comments Plugin”

  1. Test one two three

    All great minds roll down the same gutters.

    End test

    (do I detect a roll-back to a working state? 😉 )


    FYI, no email was received, and not seeing email options at this time.

    Good bug hunting!

  2. Test III

    • I think I liked the older/less cluttered emails better.
      (a couple link lines above/below rather than a big box, but maybe because I was just used to it. 😉 )

  3. “Any clod can have the facts, but having opinions is an art.”- Charles McCabe

  4. Testing 123, Testing 123. This is a test of the commenting system. If this were a real comment, something interesting might be said here. Testing 123.

  5. Comment posted. No editing function, though. That is a double plus ungood 🙂

  6. looks good

    I don’t mind the editing thing, remember that people who get comments by e-mail will see the unedited version.

    • Ah. I’ve never subscribed to comments so I didn’t know that. Still like the chance to correct typos/errors, though.

  7. So far, so good.

  8. But, as mentioned above, still no edit option.

  9. Unless you meant to disable your mobile theme with the third one, it’s not playing nicely at all.

    I’m seeing the basic, default theme on my phone.

  10. Just got an email asking me to confirm that I want to receive comments. I didn’t confirm because I didn’t know — from the way it was worded — whether I’d get the comments on this specific thread (which I want), or comments from all the posts (which I do not want).

  11. Thank you, PG!

    This third one let me leave a comment on another post.


    The second one did NOT work for me.

  12. Am I on! click click

  13. Second test. First did not show up.

  14. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  15. It looks the same as the previous page so far.

  16. You have a box to check that says:
    “Notify me of follow-up comments by email.”
    but no way to activate it without first leaving a comment — or am I missing something?
    (was used to being able to glance at the email to see if something ‘interesting’ was being discussed — whether I’d commented on it or not …)

  17. Thanks for your efforts to make the comments work for everyone, PG. Although I haven’t had a problem with them for some time, I recognize it’s better to accomodate as many commenters as possible.

    Downside for me: I now have to verify via an email from WordPress that I want to subscribe to comments on each and every post I want to receive comments on. Though I realize that’s common on many WP blogs, I’d just like to register a thumbs-down for that feature.

  18. Edit option is still not there. And I make lotsa mistakes.

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