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30 January 2016

From Dictionary.com:

omphaloskepsis, noun

contemplation of one’s navel as part of a mystical exercise

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  1. P.G.

    Er, if I may explain this a little, it gets a bit esoteric.

    The entire point of the practice of Yoga is to join with the Divine. In order to do this, the body must be healthy, follow certain moral practices and the ability to have a straight spine.


    The contemplation of one’s navel is incorrect, what the posture does is by dropping the chin into the trochlear notch, you depress a nerve which is situated at the bifurcation of the inner and outer carotid arteries, called the Glossopharyngeal nerve.


    This produces a natural substance which is chemically similar to Tetra Hydra Cannabinol, thus producing a fairly deep state of relaxation. Some might say it produces a dopamine effect, but there’s some disagreement on that 🙂

    I guess that did go a bit off-topic.


  2. The corollary to Omphaloskepsis is that God has an infinite supply of “navel gazers” and needs people to actually pay attention to what He is doing. Read the short story _The Visitation_ by Greg Bear to see what I mean.

    This goes along with the

    Omphalos hypothesis

    Where the Universe could have been created five minutes ago, complete with all our memories, and there would be no way to prove otherwise. I like that concept best.

  3. Tetra Hydra Cannabinol? Now there’s something I haven’t heard since I was a teenager.

    And just now I’ve developed a desire for Doritos. Lots of Doritos.


  4. I am Greek and have never heard anyone say this. Still, it’s an interesting construct!

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