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This program you!

13 January 2016

PG hasn’t emptied the spam bucket for TPV lately, but here’s a comment that shows he should check it more often.

Absolute Beginner or Power Affiliates. This program you! Time now to earn some cash. Get this over to your lists, they are going to we appreciate you it. Our awesome technology shows your revenue accumulating in REALTIME. Watch as the accumulation units start collecting revenue once they go live. No matter should you be experienced you aren’t, everyone can do this, we can show you. Our how-tos and tutorials will get you placed in minutes. Whether you need to office brimming with staff or work alone on the laptop you could start earning around.


12 Comments to “This program you!”

  1. Ouch, just ouch …

  2. WTF PG! No LINK? So…you’re just gonna keep this all to yourself? Pretty fuq’d up to show us this incredible opportunity and then not share, if you ask me. 😛

    • Indeed, I am certain that I would us appreciate you it!

      • Sigh, I was waiting to see if PG would do the right thing, not be greedy, and post a link to this but I can see that my optimism was held in vain. It’s ok, I found another online opportunity that sounds even better! It’s a guaranteed way to get many more currency awarded for to you! Don’t need a winning Powerball ticket here. Later suckers! 😉

  3. I am interested in sending out waves of accumulation units to collect revenue and would like to sign up for your newsletter.

  4. I can’t wait to start ‘earning around’. Do I get to pick the number? Because around $1 billion would be nice.

    • “Earning around” sounds like a euphemism for selling very personal services on a street corner. After dark.

  5. This is the same outfit that wrote the directions for assembling our baby crib, right?

  6. That’s one of the best yet. A big ole Turing Test fail, but what a wonderful failure! It’s almost like someone wrote a script using an online thesaurus as a randomizer.

  7. LOL. ESL! 🙂

    Also could be BabelFish or Google Translate.

    All your words now belong us!

  8. The first computer desk we ever bought almost didn’t get assembled because we were laughing so hard at the directions. It was by far the most incomprehensible thing I’ve ever seen, and that was almost twenty years ago. I’m pretty sure it was the operating instructions for a coffee maker, though. Thank goodness for exploded diagrams, or it likely would have ended up in a ditch somewhere.

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