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Self Publishing Notebook

31 January 2016

From Creative Loafing Tampa:

“Self Publishing.” Say it out loud. “Self Publishing.” How did you say it? Did it drip from your lips like other vile phrases? “German cockroach.” “Humidity.” “Donald Trump.” “Hemorrhoids.” Well, my fine readers and writers, those days are over. Let’s scrap the “self publishing” vanity press-laden moniker, hipster this thing up, and call it Indie Publishing like it’s something that happens in the desert every summer with Russell Brand in attendance. Why? Because Indie Publishing is cool. Like winning awards cool. Like Matt Damon in Andy Weir’s (indie published) The Martian cool. Like 50 Shades of – no I didn’t read it (self published), but E.L. James is rich from writing, and I’m guessing you’re not. Yet.

Gone are the days of writing a novel and spending five years honing your query letter-writing skills trying to find an agent or publisher. Thank god we don’t need to rely on some whiny English major with his own collection of rejected novels to decide if we’re worthy of a reader’s attention. In fact, publishing houses are in such bad shape they arelooking for indie writers who already have an audience — who already have some good work they can rely on. On average, Indie Publishers are writing more books and making more money than their traditionally published counterparts.

. . . .

How do I know? I’ve been writing something all my life, but really only writing (and finishing) novels for three to four years. I have an adventure thriller novel on Amazon called The Grandfather Clock (check it out, cheapskates, it’s 99 cents.) It came out in November 2014. A friend helped me with a promotional campaign and suddenly, my damned book was on the Kindle Best Sellers lists… before slipping back into total obscurity. In spite of spending a day in the top 20 next to The Great Gatsby, in no way was my book even a modest success. The most my earnings have bought me is beer and coffee — and an occasional egg sandwich. My wife frequently asks things like, “Why did we just get $17.31 cents from Amazon?” Remember dear, I wrote a book?

Link to the rest at Creative Loafing Tampa and thanks to Julia for the tip.



7 Comments to “Self Publishing Notebook”

  1. Oh cool, local news. Thanks for posting this.

  2. You’re welcome, Stephen.

  3. A cover that gives no clue as to genre and an opening paragraph that leaves me wanting less. Can’t imagine why it’s not selling better.

  4. I read the post here, then checked out the article. I feel like I just brushed up against a (Snake)Oil salesman.

    Oh. Wait. I just did.

    Fast paced bloviating saying pretty much not much more than ‘buy my book, I got another one coming out soon’. I went so far as the ‘Zon page… I have only the faintest idea that he wrote something about a guy. And a clock. And lots of other stuff happens.

    I’ll never get those 8 minutes back…

  5. I thought it was kind of funny.

  6. Gosh, this *is* so subjective. When I saw the cover I immediately thought “thriller.” Scrolling down proves I was right (according to the Amazon rank category). And I thought the first paragraphs in both the prologue and chapter 1 were well-written and engaging. I’d buy it if I read thrillers.

    But… he doesn’t have an Amazon author page, or a bio on Goodreads, or his own domain name. And his website is more of a blog than author website. Things that would probably stop me from buying it once I got that far into checking him out.

    But what the heck do I know? He has way more reviews than I do on my books! lol

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