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SFWA “Star Projects” on Kickstarter – a new initiative for 2016

20 January 2016

From Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America:

Crowdfunded self-publishing has emerged as a viable and increasingly popular path to creative and financial success for writers, and we continue to develop new initiatives to assist our members in their crowdfunding efforts. Now we are looking to expand our outreach beyond our own membership, to support the field at large.

Beginning in January, SFWA will be making small, targeted pledges to worthy Kickstarter projects projects by non-members, designating them a “SFWA Star Project.” Projects will be selected by the Self Publishing Committee, coordinated by volunteer Rob Balder. Selections will be based on the project’s resonance with SFWA’s exempt purposes, and special preference will be given to book-publishing projects in the appropriate genres.

Funds for these pledges will come from the SFWA Givers Fund, from a $1000 pool approved by the Grants Committee in December. When a pledge results in receiving a donor reward such as a signed book, these items will be auctioned off at fundraising events, to help replenish the Givers Fund.

Link to the rest at Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and thanks to Maggie for the tip.

This sounds cool to PG.


7 Comments to “SFWA “Star Projects” on Kickstarter – a new initiative for 2016”

  1. If it works out well this year, we’re going to make the grant bigger for next year. 😀

    (Yes, I am excited that we’re rolling out some of the cool things the self-pub committee’s been planning.) 🙂

  2. This sounds really cool.

    (Also, it’s very nice to hear the term “SFWA” associated with something positive for a change… so often when SFWA makes headlines in recent times it’s been over something negative.)

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